Reports suggest Aston Martin is up for sale

Aston Martin DB9 badge
9 Nov, 2012 7:26pm Luke Madden

Reports claim that Aston Martin's majority shareholder, Investment Dar Co, is looking for a buyer for the firm

Reports suggest that Aston Martin could be about to be sold off by its controlling shareholder, with Toyota listed among the potential buyers.

Kuwaiti company Investment Dar Co. owns a 64 per cent stake in Aston Martin, and is reported to have also contacted Indian manufacturer Mahindra & Mahindra in an effort to sell off its stake for a reported $800million.

And Toyota is rumoured to have ordered a study into buying part of Aston Martin less than two months ago, but it hasn’t advanced past early stages yet.

Before Aston Martin was bought by Investment Dar Co. and Adeem Investment Co. in 2007, the British company had been owned by Ford. Aston Martin is one of the few sports car manufacturers that’s not currently part of a larger car maker’s group.

Being owned by a big manufacturer brings huge financial backing. It also allows a company to get hold of technology owned and developed by a manufacturer with a big R&D budget, which works for Lamborghini and Bugatti under Volkswagen and for Ferrari under Fiat.

At the time of writing, no one from Aston Martin was available to comment on the reports.

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Oh dear, if they are built to Toyota standards, expect a recall every month!

Ok skorob. I wonder what you drive? Something French or Italian? If vehicles from those countries were built like Toyotas perhaps those companies making them wouldn't be heading towards oblivion!

It will be the total demise and ruination of AM if it falls into the hands of risk. Must have missed the headlines of the entire French and Italian car making industries heading towards oblivion. Garbage! My curiosity is seriously aroused as to what Toyota might do with such a prestigious brand. Bury it, for less competition for the Lexus?? Toyota do luxury very well with Lexus, but AM is in another league all together.

Well I think it should by either English or European or an North or South American company no Asian bids please.

Don't forget that their Finance Director used to work for BMW and Rolls-Royce Motor Cars! That would be a nice addition to the stable.

All astons have fords v12, and fords vh platform, they even had volvo sat-nav and jag v8!!!!
where's AM in that cars? it's just a badge!!!

who cares, someone will buy the company and no matter how things work out rich people will always buy AM no matter what is under that beautifull body!

Aston do not have a choice , there is no money , the cars needs a sugar Daddy as you know there is only so far looks can take you . Eventually you will capital injection . Toyota are smart and will not go for it unless they get a good deal as is Tata and JLR and lets not forget the Chinese . You may want European but the truth is the Europeans have BMW Ferrari Porsche Audi ok VW et al , Rolls Royce Mercedes , they already have it all so unless they want the Aston name its not worth it from a financial sense , except if they want to rule Britannia hmm well looks like this is angle . One of the sad things about Empires is that the Colonies will always rise up against the past . this is the way it always was and always will be . Its life . Before it was violence , conquer etc now its a little more savvy , sign of the times Ladies and Gentleman , Sign of the future we have to accept it and stop living in yesteryears

Being in the fortunate position to drive, often extensively, some of the world's best 'super' cars, I struggle to see how Aston Martin are still around.

As a true Brit I'm gutted to say that they are at the bottom of the pile compared to not only Ferrari, Lamborghini & Porsche but are seriously out-classed by Mercedes, BMW & now Audi.

They look very pretty from the outside, but the poor quality workmanship, unreliability and general annoying squeaks & rattles always makes me think I'm driving something from the 80s or 90s.

Aston's are not particularly quick by today's standards and on the likes of the DBS and Vantage they have the exhaust note all wrong; a great starting rasp which simply fades out as the revs rise.

They jump and crash around country roads and whistle & squeak on motorways. It's such a shame because they look so good.

The final insult from Aston Martin is their price tag - reeks of the 'Emperor's New Clothes', make it expensive and it will be perceived as good.

Unless Aston can pull some rivals to the likes of 458, 911, Gallardo, R8, BMW M cars & Merc's AMGs they will yet again fade until another sucker ploughs money into them.

Whoever buys A-M will need deep pockets and a willingness never to see any sort of decent monetary return on their investment. The V-H chassis and engine need to be replaced within the next few years, new hybrid and/or other lower consumption technologies and a newer design language also need to be developed.

I agree with Laird Assessors, current Astons, like Lamborghinis, are just not good enough for the price, in comparison to their competitors. If the new buyer is prepared to value the halo effect of the company at a lot of money and make a long term commitment, then that is fine. If however they give up after a few years of finding what a money pit the whole operation is, then that will be the end of A-M.

First Jag and Land Rover in the hands of Tata and Aston potentially owned by Mahindra. Frankly, as a nation, we should be ashamed. The foreign aid we've given to India could probably have helped towards keeping these iconic brands in British hands. Before someone PC climbs on this comment as anti-Indian, I can tell you that they are very savvy on keeping heritage, money and jobs in India, for Indians. Can't knock that one bit.

I'm surprised, but then again not really. The Kuwait group owns 25% of Mercedes-Benz. Their were rumors they wanted a revived "Lagonda", using "Maybach" and "S Class" bits and pieces. I'm not surprised about Toyota wanting it, Honda might come in for it too as ultimately Lexus and Accura are just fancy Toyota's and Honda's.