Reports suggest Aston Martin is up for sale

Aston Martin DB9 badge
9 Nov, 2012 7:26pm Luke Madden

Reports claim that Aston Martin's majority shareholder, Investment Dar Co, is looking for a buyer for the firm

Reports suggest that Aston Martin could be about to be sold off by its controlling shareholder, with Toyota listed among the potential buyers.

Kuwaiti company Investment Dar Co. owns a 64 per cent stake in Aston Martin, and is reported to have also contacted Indian manufacturer Mahindra & Mahindra in an effort to sell off its stake for a reported $800million.

And Toyota is rumoured to have ordered a study into buying part of Aston Martin less than two months ago, but it hasn’t advanced past early stages yet.

Before Aston Martin was bought by Investment Dar Co. and Adeem Investment Co. in 2007, the British company had been owned by Ford. Aston Martin is one of the few sports car manufacturers that’s not currently part of a larger car maker’s group.

Being owned by a big manufacturer brings huge financial backing. It also allows a company to get hold of technology owned and developed by a manufacturer with a big R&D budget, which works for Lamborghini and Bugatti under Volkswagen and for Ferrari under Fiat.

At the time of writing, no one from Aston Martin was available to comment on the reports.