Aston Martin tops wishlist

Aston Martin tops wishlist
13 Feb, 2013 12:01am Chris Ebbs

More buyers dream of owning an Aston Martin than any other car, according to a new survey

British brands lead the way in the top 10 dream cars, according to a survey by the Future Drive Motor Show.

Four British manufacturers made the top 10 list of ‘money no object’ cars, with Aston Martin taking the number one spot. Second place was claimed by McLaren, while Bentley and Jaguar also made the grade.

Three Italian brands were on the list – Lamborghini, Ferrari and Maserati – along with three German companies, Mercedes, Porsche and Audi.

Giles Brown, managing director of the Future Drive Motor Show, which will be held in London in May, said: “The glamour and desirability of our iconic brands seem to grow.

“Ingrained in our minds are the ‘Bentley Boys’, the ‘James Bond Astons’ and Jaguar’s E-Type, while the new boy, McLaren, needs no introduction.”