Aston Martin on Ice: 2013

21 Feb, 2013 10:57am Richard Ingram

Watch the trailer for Aston Martin's 2013 snow and ice driving experience in the Swiss Alps

Driving an Aston Martin is an envious experience at any time. Whether it’s the nimble Vantage Coupe or four-door Rapide S, the sense of occasion is arguably unrivalled by any other carmaker.

So add in a luxury ski resort, a spectacular ice surface and a set of professional instructors, and you’ve got quite the treat on your hands.

Each year, Aston Martin runs its annual snow and ice driving experience in the luxury resort of St Moritz in the Swiss Alps. Opportunities to hoon around in high-powered sports cars don’t come much more exciting than this.

Interested to see what £130,000, rear-wheel drive and 510bhp looks like on ice? Check out the video and read our review of the all-new Aston Martin DB9.