Aston Martin Rapide S

4 Jul, 2012 6:30pm Richard Ingram

Spy shots show Aston Martin is working on a hotter four-door model called the Rapide S

Aston Martin has been caught testing an uprated version of its four-door Rapide, at the Nurburgring racetrack in Germany.

Likely to debut as the Rapide ‘S’, these shots show a lightly revised front end with a lower spoiler and reviewed air intakes – hinting at the increased power under the bonnet.

We expect the enhanced Rapide to ditch the 6.0-litre V12 of the current car, in favour of a tuned, 6.0-litre unit, as found in the outgoing DBS. Given the change of engine, we could see power rise by as much as 40bhp – to 510bhp.

However, don’t presume this is simply an exercise of straight-line speed. The ‘S’ will get an uprated chassis and complete dynamic overhaul. The result being a faster, more focused, Rapide.

The changes should shave a few tenths off the 0-62mph sprint – with the new car completing the dash in less than five seconds.

We expect Aston Martin to reveal a production ready version before the end of the year.

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Well still going to be the same look.

Its more of a midlife facelift..

A tired look now....very boring and lacking in any imagination.....yawn.

As an option to a regular Rapide, [its not a face-lift!] its a stunner, as is the timeless Rapide. Other makers who tried [as distinct from already having a car in this category], and may earn a 'fail', Porsche definitely, AM absolutely hit it with its DB9 stretch. So there is now regular Spice, and the new Double Spice. Of course it will be the same look, its a go-faster version of the same car. Shaun, I cannot see anywhere in the article the word 'facelift'......and if this "lacking in any imagination" I really wonder what is "yawn-free" for you :-))

OK let me clarify, in words you may understand, an iphone 4S is the same as an iphone 4, with a few tweaks, its not a new phone, its an improvement of the current version, the problem is other companies have caught up and surpassed the iphone, and offer a better all round product, they might not be as nice and touchy feely as an iphone but they perform better, and thats what counts, familiarity breeds contempt.

Shaun you must be very lucky to see Rapide's so often that you now have contempt for them? I've not been lucky enough to see one, so I don't share your distain. I think they look fantastic. And I agree, that unlike Porsche, Aston have pulled this off!