Aston Martin Rapide S

5 Mar, 2013 3:52pm Tom Phillips

Pictures and details of the Aston Martin Rapide S, following its Geneva Motor Show debut

This is the new Aston Martin Rapide S, which is set to replace the current four-door model in the Aston range, as the carmaker has decided that the standard Rapide was a bit ‘soft’. The Rapide S, which is already available to order, has made its debut at the Geneva Motor Show.

It features the same AM11 6.0-litre V12 and six-speed auto as the outgoing Rapide, but has 80bhp more power, at 550bhp – so the 0-62mph time falls three-tenths to 4.9 seconds and the top speed climbs 2mph to 190mph.

Despite this boost, economy is up from 19.0mpg to 19.9mpg and CO2 emissions are cut by 23g/km to 332g/km.

Dropping the engine 19mm deeper into the nose has lowered the centre of gravity, and new three-stage adaptive dampers with normal, sport and track modes give progressively firmer settings. The dampers and steering have been completely retuned to make the car more aggressive in the way that it handles.

The Rapide S boasts a new look, too, with a more imposing front grille. Despite being larger and lower than that fitted to the previous Rapide, the grille features Aston Martin’s ‘keystone’ pedestrian protection. When the car makes impact with an obstacle, this pops the grille out and back, and brings forward the softer front structure of the car, minimising the impact force.

The Rapide S also features a bigger rear wing integrated into the tailgate to increase downforce at speed. Fresh body colours and 20-inch wheel choices are complemented by the option of a sportier carbon pack, while inside, new two-tone woven leather trim, called Duotone, is available.

Prices haven’t been confirmed, but despite being more powerful, the Rapide S is expected to start at a similar level to the current £149,995 model.

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It is better the original Rapid. Don't think 007 drive it. It can be the new M car.

I'm unconvinced by that new oversized grille. Oversized grilles seem to be the current styling trend, but they don't always enhance the appearance.

Do these guys really think pimping the Rapide S with those wheels and vacuum grill is going to appeal to the audience that it talks to? Somebody screwed up, big time. There is a weird design sickness running through UK cars.... witness this grill and the one they stuck on the little Fiesta. All this after the UK press, to a man, gave Peugeot a hard time (unjustified) over their grills. Of course when the home team drops the ball Iike this, the home press stands up and salutes it.....not very objective....sad.

Hmmm... looks like a new-model uglified Fiesta in drag.

the fiesta is Spanish! Hardly a UK car! Ford don't make or design ANY cars in the UK!!

Why do Aston Martin use Audi corporate grill?

The previous lot should get out more; and if you think it looks even remotely like a Fiesta or that it's wearing an Audi corporate grill you should smoke something different. And legal. This is a stunning car - inside and out, and it sums up why we should be proud of where our car industry is going now. So stop moaning and open your eyes for once.

Actually the grille is intentionally near identical to the DB2 from 1957.

Audi stole the traditional Aston corporate grill from 50 years ago ! Do some googling .

Reminds me of a basking shark!!!!

James Bond has given Aston Martin a World wide free advert for 50 years.
So why do the sell so few cars?

It's only half a second quicker than a BMW 640d which is better made, better equipped, massively cheaper to run and half the cost to buy. I know that Aston as a marque demands a premium but there has to be some substance to that. I so want to love Aston but their products are very dated now.

Aw what a maw!! I remember the screams and hysterics when Audi introduced their corporate grille, and now there's heated debate on here over who even owed the "great gape' in the first place. This seems like some misplaced design on a car that shrieked design excellence. And for a car so large, I heard it realistically described as a 4-door GT 2+2, with the '+2' emphasis on very occasional use only. Must be down to a minus with the architecture this car is built on. And now with huge 20" wheels, and the ubiquitous pointless rubber band tyres, robbing the last vestige of ride comfort from the equation. You might also wonder why a 4-door GT luxo express needs a 'track' setting built into its suspension. We about to see a Rapide-S-exclusive race series? Yeah, sure, not. Finally I wonder if AM have lost their bottle, and are furiously and blindly and mindlessly chasing Jaguar down a dead-end blind alley, as they did with the XF-RSTUV....and exorcised any point to its use, for the sake of a modded racer. Whatever happened to car clinics? Oh I know. So called designers are now stuffed with the "I know what's best for you" disease...........

They don't but they make around a third of all their engines here.

One of the best looking cars of the year. Looks like a Zagato which is amazing.