Audi A4 (new)

Audi A4
27 Mar, 2007 1:00am

Overall Average Rating - 86.42%
Position in the Top 100 cars - 31st

Edging ahead of its Mercedes C-Class rival, Audi’'s newest A4 is a fine all-rounder. While it doesn'’t look too different to the old-shape version that you voted into 53rd place, it had substantial underbody tweaks to bring it up to speed with the latest competition. You’'re still unhappy with its limited practicality –– even the Avant struggles to fit in bulky loads. And the ride quality also comes in for some criticism. Otherwise, the firm’'s entry-level saloon is proving to be a satisfying model.


Position in the Top 100 cars
Reliability: 36th
Build Quality: 13th
Running Costs: 42nd
Performance: 31st
Braking: 24th
Ride Quality: 59th
Handling: 33rd
Practicality: 72nd
Comfort: 28th
Ease of Driving: 39th

Your Quotes

“Any problems are my fault and not the car's. At times I need more space, but I should have bought a larger model. It's economical and goes pretty well.”

Mr Geoff Billington - Warwickshire

“Have you ever read a bad review of the A4? I haven't and this car lives up to all expectations, superb quality, great to drive and good to look at.”

Mr Guy Poyser - Derbyshire

“Great! Love the quattro, needs about another 50bhp (which will be rectified when it's done 4,000 miles by our friends at Revo).”

Mr Sean Murphy - Warks

“The car is brilliant but the service and sale support at the nominated dealer is poor. Service managers don't ring back, repairs are cancelled only when you arrive as staff haven't turned in for duty.”

Mr Andrew Wadman - Somerset

“I still think that Audi has great quality in its cars - however I feel that it’s resting on its laurels and that this is slipping. The problems I had with the clutch/gearbox were truly appalling, down to bad manufacturing/build quality and took an age to fix. The garage were less than sympathetic until I complained - but that took three letters to Audi UK - awful customer care.”

Mr David Wellings – West Midlands

“This is the best buying experience I have ever had, and I’ve owned three new cars previous to this. The dealer kept in touch weekly, with regards to delivery, ”

Mr Ross Healy - Glos

“It does what it is designed to do. Brilliantly built, the problems I have are not the car’s fault they are mine. At times I need more space but then I should have bought a larger car. It’s really well built economical goes pretty well. A few minor tweaks would make it better eg an auto-dimming mirror and a light around the ignition key slot. I came from a V70 so this Avante has a lot to live up to. It handles so much better than the Volvo and is very economical ( 2.0 TDi).”

Mr Brian Mayne - Morecambe

Manufacturer Verdict (Position - 11th)

Dropping out of the top 10 will be disappointing for Audi. Although it lags behind arch-rival BMW, it has at least beaten Volvo and Mercedes. Part of the reason for the firm’'s drop could be reliability niggles. Over the last three years, just over half of Audi’'s customers reported some sort of fault –– that’'s more than Ford, which is hard to justify, given the price of four-ringed top-sellers.