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Long-term test review Volkswagen Passat Estate - first report header
Long-term tests

Long-term test review: Volkswagen Passat Estate

26 May, 2016

First report: practical premium newcomer has to work for its keep, and has proven that it's not too posh to be loaded up

Suzuki Vitara (long term) - final report header
Long-term tests

Long-term test review: Suzuki Vitara

21 Apr, 2016

Final report: Practical and efficient Suzuki Vitara SUV has proven a smash hit for all the family

MINI Cooper 5-door header
Long-term tests

New MINI Cooper 5-door: long-term test review

27 May, 2015

Final report: Reluctant farewell to blooming brilliant family hatch

Citroen Grand C4 Picasso header
Long-term tests

Long-term test review: Citroen Grand C4 Picasso

28 Oct, 2014

Final report: We say au revoir to stylish MPV after 8,000 miles, two countries and countless passengers

VW Jetta header
Long-term tests

VW Jetta: Fifth report

18 Mar, 2013

The VW Jetta deserves more recognition, says our man after nine months and 8,000 miles

Volkswagen Jetta front static
Long-term tests

VW Jetta: Fourth report

24 Dec, 2012

Our man has been spending hours behind the wheel of the Volkswagen Jetta – and he loves it...

Volkswagen Jetta front static header
Long-term tests

Volkswagen Jetta: Third report

24 Oct, 2012

Family camping trip is an ideal test of our VW Jetta saloon’s practicality

Volkswagen Jetta profile
Long-term tests

Volkswagen Jetta: Second report

5 Sep, 2012

Practical, classy VW Jetta saloon has really grown on our family man

Long-term tests

Volkswagen Jetta: First report

18 Jul, 2012

The new VW Jetta joins our fleet, but will it be as easy to live with as a hatch for our family man?

Ford Escort Mexico and Ford Focus
Long-term tests

Ford Focus: Final report

4 Jul, 2012

We travel back in time to rate seventies star against the latest Ford Focus hatch

Ford Focus EcoBoost
Long-term tests

Ford Focus EcoBoost: Fifth report

16 Apr, 2012

Hatch’s hi-tech safety kit has helped us avoid prangs – plus, it’s saving us money

Ford Focus and Grand C-MAX
Long-term tests

Ford Focus: Fourth report

6 Feb, 2012

Family man traded up from hatch to seven-seater for festive break. Has he been persuaded to make the switch permanent?

Ford Focus front tracking
Long-term tests

Ford Focus: Third report

16 Nov, 2011

Five-door Focus has won over our family man with its entertaining drive as well as its gadgetry

Ford Focus Darren Wilson
Long-term tests

Ford Focus: Second report

19 Sep, 2011

Hatch packs in a lot of technology, but is it too clever for its own good? Even we were stumped...

MINI Countryman Cooper D All4 rear tracking
Long-term tests

MINI Countryman Cooper D ALL4: Final report

29 Aug, 2011

It’s a fond farewell to our MINI, which has wowed young and old alike...

MINI Countryman Cooper D
Long-term tests

MINI Countryman Cooper D

11 Feb, 2011

Four-wheel-drive Brit arrived on fleet just in time for big freeze – and there was ‘snow’ stopping it...

Mitsubishi ASX final report
Long-term tests

Mitsubishi ASX

29 Oct, 2010

Final Report: With its Evo looks and strong pace, crossover makes us feel like a rally star – even in the middle of town!

Peugeot 3008
Long-term tests

Peugeot 3008

29 Jan, 2010

Does irritating puncture take the polish off Lion’s versatile crossover?

Long-term tests

Toyota Avensis Tourer: 9,156 miles

4 Sep, 2009

Final REPORT: Sharp to look at, easy to live with... and that’s just the car! Estate is a great load carrier, too, as our family man can testify

Long-term tests

Peugeot Partner Tepee: 5,860 miles

2 Jul, 2009

Final report: People carrier is pitched into battle for a camping trip. Does it uphold scout’s honour?

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