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OPINION - american ideas

"America can keep its guns, but there are plenty of motoring ideas it should send our way"

27 Nov, 2015

Mike Rutherford would like to bring some aspects of American motoring culture to UK shores but leave others...


"Hyundai and Kia should recruit ex-VW Group bosses"

20 Nov, 2015

Top-end Genesis models could go up against Bentleys with the right people behind the brand, says Mike Rutherford

David Cameron OPINION

"Diesels seem to be appropriate for politicians - but not for us"

13 Nov, 2015

Politicians are bullying diesel owners- but they use diesels themselves, says columnist Mike Rutherford


'Buick is dependable in the US - so why can't Brits buy them?'

6 Nov, 2015

US reliability reports say Buick is the most reliable brand across the pond; Mike Rutherford asks why they aren't in the UK...


'Car manufacturers building our houses is a great idea'

30 Oct, 2015

Could car makers diversify into building homes? Mike Rutherford wouldn't bet against it...


"Apologies from Volkswagen mean little at times like this"

21 Oct, 2015

Worldwide damage limitation in the wake of the VW scandal won't come cheap, says Mike Rutherford

Jeep factory OPINION

"Where would Sunderland and Melfi be without motor manufacturers?"

16 Oct, 2015

More car plants would bring hope and prosperity to more corners of the world, says Mike Rutherford

Opinion: real world mpg testing

"There are countless lies surrounding the real-world capabilities of diesel, petrol and electric cars"

9 Oct, 2015

Mike Rutherford calls for the UK to set up its own independent testing agency to give consumers real-world mpg and emissions figures

Opinion new cars

“It’s optional extras that car buyers need to think about carefully”

2 Oct, 2015

Too often new car buyers don’t think about optional extras - and that’s a big mistake, says Mike Rutherford

Opinion British cars

“The door’s left open for makers to find cheaper land & workers abroad”

26 Sep, 2015

No other nation would display 50 per cent of its flag when promoting its products, says Mike Rutherford - why is Britain?

Opinion JLR

“A win, win, win situation is possible for JLR at World Car Awards”

18 Sep, 2015

For the first time, Jaguar Land Rover is going for gold at the World Car Awards and the Germans should be worried, says Mike Rutherford

New Audi A4 2016 front action

2016 World Car of the Year awards nominations revealed at Frankfurt

15 Sep, 2015

German and Japanese firms dominate World car of the Year 2016 nominations, but Jaguar, Bentley and Land Rover make strong Brit showing

Opinion SsangYong

“I love SsangYong’s determination to deliver good value for money”

11 Sep, 2015

Mike Rutherford thinks SsangYong is, in many respects, enjoying great success thanks to the likes of Hyundai and Kia moving upmarket

Opinion dealers

“The franchised new car garage as we know it is wrong”

4 Sep, 2015

The customer experience and business models of tired, traditional franchised dealers need a revolution, says Mike Rutherford

Opinion factory

“Maybe if UK had someone like Trump, MG Rover wouldn’t have crashed & burned”

28 Aug, 2015

Mike Rutherford can’t get a straight answer on official view on Brit-based car makers building plants overseas and hiring workers there


"Supermarkets are at war - and you're merely a pawn in the game"

21 Aug, 2015

Low supermarket fuel prices aren’t about being generous to drivers, says Mike Rutherford

Opinion bad dealers VW

“Car companies spend fortunes attracting customers - only to handle them atrociously”

14 Aug, 2015

As Driver Power reveals, big brands need to stop the arrogance and deliver better quality service, says Mike Rutherford

Opinion London super car 'asbos'

“Owners contribute thousands to Treasury, but politicians want ‘supercar Asbos’”

7 Aug, 2015

Local authorities want crackdown on ‘anti-social’ supercar owners, despite providing support for UK economy says Mike Rutherford


"The world’s number one vehicle producer needs the world’s number one designer"

31 Jul, 2015

Toyota is celebrating 50 successful years in Britain, but columnist Mike Rutherford thinks it needs some new blood

Opinion London Motor Show

“I’m confident the London Motor Show will be a sell-out success”

24 Jul, 2015

The London Motor Show is set to be one of the UK’s great car-related events that's not to be missed, says Mike Rutherford

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