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Opinion factory

“Maybe if UK had someone like Trump, MG Rover wouldn’t have crashed & burned”

28 Aug, 2015

Mike Rutherford can’t get a straight answer on official view on Brit-based car makers building plants overseas and hiring workers there


"Supermarkets are at war - and you're merely a pawn in the game"

21 Aug, 2015

Low supermarket fuel prices aren’t about being generous to drivers, says Mike Rutherford

Opinion bad dealers VW

“Car companies spend fortunes attracting customers - only to handle them atrociously”

14 Aug, 2015

As Driver Power reveals, big brands need to stop the arrogance and deliver better quality service, says Mike Rutherford

Opinion London super car 'asbos'

“Owners contribute thousands to Treasury, but politicians want ‘supercar Asbos’”

7 Aug, 2015

Local authorities want crackdown on ‘anti-social’ supercar owners, despite providing support for UK economy says Mike Rutherford


"The world’s number one vehicle producer needs the world’s number one designer"

31 Jul, 2015

Toyota is celebrating 50 successful years in Britain, but columnist Mike Rutherford thinks it needs some new blood

Opinion London Motor Show

“I’m confident the London Motor Show will be a sell-out success”

24 Jul, 2015

The London Motor Show is set to be one of the UK’s great car-related events that's not to be missed, says Mike Rutherford

Opinion traffic

“It’s only a matter of time before a major UK city or town bans all private cars”

17 Jul, 2015

Motorists are being squeezed out of busy towns and cities - and politicians are to blame, says Mike Rutherford

Opinion rail roads

"Turn Britain's defunct rail routes into new roads with cycle lanes"

10 Jul, 2015

Disused railway lines are usually broad enough for a bike path, a no overtaking car lane and a hard shoulder

Opinion tyres

“Think long and hard about bargain-basement tyres”

3 Jul, 2015

Buyers think less about tyres than baby seats, airbags and braking systems, says Mike Rutherford - but they’re just as important

Opinion Rutherford

“My Young Adult Cancer Trust charity van is a true one-off”

24 Jun, 2015

Mike Rutherford now has a van he thinks could become a venue for blood tests, screening and more to raise awareness of cancer-related issues

OPINION potholes

"If motorists are so reluctant to put up a fight, the politicians will continue beating us with a stick"

19 Jun, 2015

Driver lethargy is the reason why our roads are underfunded, says columnist Mike Rutherford


"Reports of the death of the motorist are greatly exaggerated"

12 Jun, 2015

The growth of driverless cars doesn't mean the end of the motor industry, says columnist Mike Rutherford


“The 20-year warranty is available in the US, and it could be bound for the UK”

5 Jun, 2015

On a recent trip, Mike Rutherford visited a Miami auto mall to find a 20-year warranty on offer. Could it be coming to the UK?


"Toyota has put one over the VW Group when it comes to earning a shilling"

29 May, 2015

Mike Rutherford is impressed by hugely profitable Toyota, with it small number of brands beating VW's wide range

Motorists party opinion

"A Motorists' Party for Britain is needed - and here's where it starts"

22 May, 2015

Britain - or some parts of it - needs a political party for motorists, says columnist Mike Rutherford

Opinion traffic

"I'm paying less for my car insurance than I paid years ago by fighting unfair renewal prices"

15 May, 2015

How to haggle for cheaper car insurance renewl price with the British Insurance Premium Index


"Audi chairman Rupert Stadler offers me a 10 min interview in his A8. I take it"

11 May, 2015

Our man grabs a quick chat with Audi boss Stadler and covers Apple, F1, BMW, Mercedes and the Korean government...

Car wash OPINION

"DIY car washing is another motoring tradition that’s on its way out"

1 May, 2015

Columnist Mike Rutherford has noticed a new phenomenon of hand car washes in the UK

Opinion election

“Car people are non-existent as far as our political parties are concerned”

24 Apr, 2015

Cars, car drivers, car buyers and car industry employees are conspicuous by their absence from political manifestos, says Mike Rutherford

Merc opinion

"Mercedes has risen to the top of the global automotive tree in 2015"

20 Apr, 2015

A World Car of the Year hat-trick is a big win for Mercedes, says columnist Mike Rutherford

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