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The reborn IAM will be better than ever - or so it says

24 Apr, 2016

Mike Rutherford reckons that the rebranded IAM should try to appeal to young drivers - and tell the 'clueless' DfT to step aside


"London needs and deserves its own motor show - now it's got one"

17 Apr, 2016

It might not be as big as the New York motor show, but it will be of great benefit to Britain as a whole, says Mike Rutherford


'Jaguar Land Rover ranks as one of the most daring car firms on the planet'

8 Apr, 2016

JLR is giving rivals a real lesson in creativity, along with taking care of costly third-party activities, says Mike Rutherford


"It's been left to PSA to build the most fuel-efficient car"

3 Apr, 2016

After a weekend in the UK's most economical car, Mike Rutherford wonders why other manufacturers can't catch up in the economy race

Mike Opinion - Subaru

"Mazda, Suzuki, Ssangyong and Subaru - destined for glory?"

28 Mar, 2016

Mike Rutherford reflects on some of the manufacturers that don't receive the praise he thinks they deserve


90m cars a year don't go far when the population is 7.4bn

19 Mar, 2016

Mike Rutherford thinks that record breaking car production figures simply aren't enough for the growing population

Mike Opinion - EU

"EU member or not, Britain's car industry is in rude health"

13 Mar, 2016

Whether we vote in or out of the EU, Mike Rutherford reckons the car industry has nothing to worry about

Mike Opinion - R&D

"Eye-watering R&D spending really can pay off"

6 Mar, 2016

Mike Rutherford's been looking into manufacturer's research budgets... and it's clear to him who's spending the money well

Mike Opinion - Porsche

"For new vehicles, depreciation remains a financial killer"

27 Feb, 2016

Trying to buy cars as appreciating assets is doomed to failure, says Mike Rutherford

Opinion - crash

"It's the DfT's job to know car accident stats - but it doesn't"

19 Feb, 2016

Are the roads getting safer or more dangerous? Mike Rutherford wants to know - but the DfT doesn't seem to

Opinion Daihatsu

"Toyota needs Daihatsu's cleverness in the small car sector"

12 Feb, 2016

Mike Rutherford thinks Daihatsu's bonkers ideas are what Toyota needs to compete in the booming city car segment


'Genesis needs the 'Made in Britain' tag to challenge luxury elite'

5 Feb, 2016

In order to truly rival Jaguar, Bentley and Rolls-Royce, Hyundai will need that desirable 'Made in Britain' tag, says Mike Rutherford


'JLR's growth is an unprecedented breakthrough for UK PLC'

29 Jan, 2016

Global car production and sales have skyrocketed, with Jaguar Land Rover doing particularly well for Britain, says Mike Rutherford


'Every dog has its day and the Detroit Motor Show's has long gone'

22 Jan, 2016

American brands like Cadillac and Chevrolet, and even the city's motor show are now irrelevant to UK car buyers, says Mike Rutherford

Nissan Juke factory 8

UK motor industry turns to Europe for top talent

21 Jan, 2016

Skills gap in UK leads manufacturers to head to continent for skilled engineers, claims SMMT


"I played spot the police car over Christmas, and didn't see one"

15 Jan, 2016

It's safe to conclude that only a few hundred traffic patrol cars are 'policing' Britain's 40 million vehicles, says Mike Rutherford

Police car

Private firms forced to fund their own traffic cops

11 Jan, 2016

Police cutbacks mean businesses and residents are directly footing the bill for UK police officers


"Motorists deserve respect in 2016, but they won't get it"

8 Jan, 2016

2015 ended on a high note, but 2016 won't be easy for motorists, says Mike Rutherford

Opinion: real world mpg testing

'We don't have enough roads for 65m people and 40m cars'

28 Dec, 2015

Mike Rutherford says basic sums confirm that there simply isn't enough road space for all the people and cars in this country


"Without access to a car, I felt like a prisoner"

11 Dec, 2015

Our man Mike Rutherford gave up driving for a month and didn't much care for it...

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