BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe pics, price and specs revealed

4 Mar, 2014 3:49pm Jack Rix

Striking new BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe blends coupe lines with four-door practicality. Price from £29,420

The BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe has been revealed in Geneva – it's a four-door coupe to rival the Audi A5 Sportback. The 4 Series Gran Coupe offers “the sleek look of a two-door coupe with the functionality provided by four doors”, says BMW.

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While it’s identical in length and width to the 4 Series Coupe, the Gran Coupe’s roof is 12mm higher and stretches 112mm further back, leaving more headroom for rear passengers, and creating a sportier profile than the 3 Series saloon.

The Gran Coupe’s calling card, though, is its standard-fit automatic tailgate, which can be opened conventionally or by waving your foot under the rear bumper. It reveals a boot space of 480 litres – 35 litres more than in the Coupe, identical to the 3 Series saloon and 40 litres down on the 3 Series Touring. Drop the 40:20:40 split folding rear seats and that climbs to 1,300 litres – 320 litres more than in the A5 Sportback.

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The rear bench is more accommodating for passengers than in the Coupe, with a few mm more headroom and space for three... just. So while the Coupe is a four- seater, BMW calls the Gran Coupe a 4+1.

Five engine choices will be offered when it goes on sale in the UK on 21 June. The petrol models are an entry-level 181bhp 420i, the 242bhp 428i and the range-topping 302bhp 435i, only available in Luxury trim and above.

There are only two diesel options – the 141bhp 418d, which is capable of returning 63mpg and 119g/km, and the 181bhp 420d. All the models are rear-wheel drive only except the 420d, which comes with the option of 4WD xDrive. All engines feature a six-speed manual as standard, but an eight-speed auto can be specified for £1,500 extra.

Five trim levels are available – SE, Sport (add £1,500), Modern (add £1,500), Luxury (add £2,500) and M Sport (add £3,000) – and despite the extra set of doors and automatic tailgate, prices for the Gran Coupe are identical to the Coupe’s.

That means the 420i SE kicks off at £29,420, the 428i SE at £32,815 and the 435i Luxury at £41,155. The 418d SE starts at £30,995, while the 420d SE costs £31,795, or £33,295 with xDrive. Options include a colour head-up display and active cruise control.

The four four-doors

How BMW explains its 3 series-based cars

Gran Coupé

“The 4 Series Gran Coupé is aimed at customers who enjoy the prestige and higher levels of standard equipment of a 4 Series, but need the practicality offered by the additional two doors.”

3 Series saloon

“The 3 Series is the ultimate sports saloon offering a class-leading combination of design, performance, efficiency, equipment and driving dynamics. This all adds up to an exceptional bedrock for the whole BMW range.”

3 Series Touring

“The BMW 3 Series Touring offers the same dynamic experience as the saloon. But it combines it with a more practical package including a larger boot and automatic tailgate.”

3 Series GT

“The 3 Series Gran Turismo combines the practicality of a Touring with the sporty styling of a Coupé, meaning this is the perfect choice for those who don’t want to sacrifice style for versatility.”

Which is best?

BMW boss Ian Robertson gave me a preview of the 4 Series Gran Coupé last year, and left me convinced: this is the one to go for. It’s the best-looking of all the four-door 3/4 Series models with a decent dose of practicality, too – as long as you can live with the 4+1 seating.

Steve Fowler, Editor-in-chief

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what about an suv coupe crossover touring luxury performence version called x4 granturismo xdrive m435 diesel touring?? obvious..

Bmw have really taken it to far this time. Be better buying a 5 serues saloon

Just looks like a normal 3 series to me.

But it's got a hatch boot so not comparable to a saloon, either 3 or 5 series.

So it's another saloon then ...

BMW have made a right mess of this. What's the betting that in 10 years they will have abandoned all these confusing variants?

I like the BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe pictures that have leaked online

Another vehicle we don't really need. It's too similar in profile to the 3 series to be honest. From a distance, I think you'd be hard pushed to tell the difference.

Its not a coupe, and grand coupe or another 4 door 3 /4 series, its a 5 door 3 series hatchback, just like a Mondeo or Insignia, only BMW are asking you to pay a premium of about £5k for the added practicality, if any mainstream manufacturer tried this it would be lambasted for it, I wonder how long before we see a 5 door Passat, and Honda offering a 5 door Accord again.

Yes, nice range-gap filler and will have its fans. I'm sure its not expected to be a volume seller but will mop up a few more customers.

While it doesn't look like a monstrocity like many offerings at the moment, its bit pointless side profile wise if I glance quickly a second or so I honestly cant tell difference between the 3 series GT & 4 series gran 'coupe' that isn't a coupe oh stupid name 'Gran' chosen ! shame because I like the 6 series Gran 'coupe'

Honda already do in USA with the Crosstour or Accord Crosstour since 2010, TBH I don't like the looks of it never did ! that's one thing im glad they don't bring over here !

What's the betting that in 3 years time BMW, along with the also hugely investing in R&D, tech powerhouses Daimler AG and VW Group, along with just 3 other non-German global auto groups will be left, and your "3-series fighter Baby Jag" will have been pronounced stillborn in 2015, thanks to the "having shot its fox" 4-series GC, plus new C-Class and 2015 A4, having shown Tata's overweight, outdated, underneath just another once more rehashing of the long outdated Ford 2002 aluminiium platform for the XJ 3-series killer to be another cynical attempt bt the shyster outfit Tata/JLr to pass of mutton as lamb, like the R/R Joque, and Jokeuar F-type, 'lightweight' 2.7 tonne 'new' Range Rover and so on?

You are a troll for Gaydon/Haymarket? Can you imagine what Hallmark, Callum, Cropley, Sutcliffe et al thought when they saw thus 4-series GC this morning? Pass the cyanide pill?

I like BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe pics, price and specs

Do you even have a clue what you are saying? None of it has any validity or even makes any sense.

Your repeated posts are idiot trolling from somebody with fundamental emotional problems.

the only trolls are the thousands employed by Hallmark's marketing operation to try to shift his dreadful products to brainwashed simpletons.

The 4-Series GC has shot the supposed "Baby Jag"'s fox; assuming this mythical car exists.

The "Baby Jag" was according to the hacks of the lackey British auto press supposed to be a "3-Series Killer", due to it supposedly having 'more style', compared to the 'dull Germans'.

Trouble is, the goalposts have been moved by 'the dull Germans' in the meantime, and the 4-Series GC is essentially the niche Callum and co. were hoping the new 'XS', X-type, or whatever it's called, would fill.

Add the excellent, stylish new C-Class, and the next year, genuine lightweight, high-tech new A4, and now decent competition from the Cadillac ATS, Lexus IS and possible new Maserati offering and the 7 years minimum too late Jaguar 3-series competitor is totally irrelevant, and hence why the paid trolls of JLR marketing are out in force to try to put down the 4-Series GC, in desperation.

'Weetabix' and other apologists/paid internet trolls for the shyster outfit that is Tata/JLR, will not cover up what is really going on at that dreadful, cynical company.

Even diehard patriot Brits are waking up to the lies told by the corrupt media on behalf of this outfit, for cynical, outdated, massively overpriced products like the Evoque, 1.8 tonnes/4,000 pounds weight 'sports car' F-type, '400 klios weight loss' 2.7 tonnes Range Rover, the based on a platform dating from 1998 Lincoln LS Jaguar XF, dating from 2002 platform Jaguar XJ, based on the same, by then 13 year old aluminium platform 2015 'Baby Jag', etc. etc..

Tell your employer to do some actual work, some actual engineering, 'Weetabix', and then they wouldn't have to spend so many millions flooding the internet with you paid by the comment apologists and trolls.

What on earth are you spouting? The Range Rover is the best luxury off road vehicle currently on sale. The Evoque has the looks to sell it on its own but also, believe it or not it works very well off road. The F-Type is absolutely fantastic, I happen to have a good friend that owns a V6 S so have driven it. I also personally own an XF which I purchased after test driving an Audi A5 Sportback, A6 and a 5 Series - and IMO the XF was the better car. If the baby Jag is anything like the XF it'll not only look better than its competition but it'll also compete on all fronts.

All I see on every German car article on AE are posts from you trying to troll. Grow up and get over yourself, if JLR are so bad then stick to your BMW, people are entitled to buy what ever car they want.

Did they actually say that the 3 GT, "is the perfect choice for those who don’t want to sacrifice style for versatility.” Style is one thing is does not have.

For all the moaning this car will do quite well. It has been built for the sole purpose of stealing audi's thunder, which has done so well and untill now has had no direct rival. Bmw not really that stupid for wanting a piece of that cake.

The Grill; Almost 100% copy of the Jag X308