BMW M6 Gran Coupe vs Audi RS7 video

10 Dec, 2013 5:46pm

The BMW M6 Gran Coupe and Audi RS7 go head to head in this exclusive video

This is the new Audi RS7 and its arch-rival, the BMW M6 Gran Coupe. Both are powered by turbocharged V8 engines and have over 500bhp -but do they really justify their nearly £100,000 price tags? Watch our video review to find out.

• BMW M6 Gran Coupe review

• Audi RS7 review

The BMW M6 costs just under £98,000 and features a 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8 with 552bhp and 680Nm of torque. It'll sprint from 0-60 in just 4.2 seconds before hitting a limited top speed of 155mph.

The Audi has a 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 yet despite being down on capacity compared to the BMW it produces the same bhp and has even more torque with a huge 700Nm. Once again top speed is limited to 155mph, but it hits 60 in just 3.9 seconds.

So, what's the Audi like to drive? Well, the first thing is that it's so hard to use the performance on the road - it's just so fast that it's impossible to put it into use.

The one thing the Audi does have is quattro all-wheel drive and a clever sport differential - that means it doesn't have any of the traction issues that you get in the M6, and it doesn't work it's stability control as hard. There's lots of grip, but the problem is it's just a bit inert - there's not a lot of feel in the steering.

Also, the suspension is a bit odd. The ride isn't great - in fact it's pretty awful - and all in all it's not a particularly engaging car despite its speed. It's quite hard to love this car despite the fact that the engine is so great.

So how does the BMW compare? If anything the BMW engine has a little bit more character than the Audi engine and there's certainly more fizz to the driving experience. It's not perfect and it troubles the traction control quite a lot on a wet road, though.

The biggest problem for this car in a way, though isn't the Audi - it's the M6's sister car, the M5. This car is substantially more expensive than the M5 - about £25,000 more than an M5 - and it doesn't offer a huge amount more in terms of driving.

So the BMW is the best to drive but it's also the nicest to sit in, with its stylish interior and sporty wrap-around cockpit. The Audi's still feels posh and is loaded with gadgets but it lacks the BMW's wow factor. However with its hatchback boot the Audi is the more practical of the pair.

It might cost a lot more money than the BMW M5 but we'd go for the M6 Gran Coupe - it looks great, sounds fantastic and most importantly it's more fun to drive than the Audi RS7.

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Interesting comparison, but are you really going to want to slide sideways like that on public roads? When Chris Harris tested the RS6 Avant he pointed out that on public roads you don't really want to oversteer around corners and that a car like the RS6/RS7 was safer and faster on real roads than a rear wheel drive car.

please stop these bullshits from britain people about audi

In what situation in the real world is being able to get the rear end out, a reasonable reason to say its better to drive. On a track maybe.
With the quattro, like used on the lambos these days. you get endless amounts of power going to the road. Meaning you can overtake in the bends, if ur a bit mad, where as the beamer would spin out and crash.
Plus on any road in the uk the audi will leave the bm in its rear view mirror.

I would be interested to know the suspension set up of the RS7. Chris Harris pointed out that the standard suspension gives a much more comfortable ride than the optional suspension 'upgrade' on the RS6. Just want to make sure that when the ride is criticised for being 'awful', the best suspension is being reviewed ...

The audi is faster and better looking. Definitely a better interior than the BMW and a better car all round.

Frankly I think Auto Express is owned by BMW....and is it really a better cabin to be in? I think not. As for the better to drive - give me an Audi any day.

As for looks - has BMW sacked its deisgners - so much blandness (for so verrrry long now) - nah! sorry the BMW looks crap!

This is funny, since when do you really want to hang the tail out in a big cruiser on public roads. I sold my 2012 R8V10 and 2012 Merc R350 4matic and bought my RS7, all I can say is it's so much faster than the R8 in the real world and almost as useful as the Merc R350 4matic. It does double duty as a practical wheel and tire hauler for my RS211 Lotus and can hang with the best of them in the canyons. I'll keep an eye out for a M6 and see if it can keep up with my RS7 in the twisties. :-)

Crap and biased reviews - I am unsubscribing - there are better motoring journals out there.

seems the market for the M6 4 door is very limited. Anyone with half a brain would question why buy the M6 4 door with a £25k hike when you can have the same engine and as much fun in an M5.

Is BMW paying everyone of you to trash talk all the other brands and especially Audi? Try and look at things in a non-biased way and finally realise that Audi is a much better choice than BMW. After all I haven't seen BMW winning the Lemans if we were to talk about track days!! So do you see where I'm going with this........

You have a bias towards Audi.

m6 wins the better car won! unlucky audi you lost another title to bmw! I suppose your use to it now and with all the help you get from the whole vag group tut tut!

they can say anything about bmw m series..but audi rs can just say bye bye to bmw..faster and greener