BMW Vision Next 100 to celebrate brand's centenary

7 Mar, 2016 1:00pm Sam Naylor

BMW celebrates its 100th year in 2016, and it has revealed a special new car to mark the occasion

As part of its centenary celebrations, BMW has revealed a new concept car called the BMW Vision Next 100. The car has been intorduced at the new BMW Group Classic building in Moosacher Straße 66 (where the company was founded).

It focuses on autonomous tech, as BMW says that the BMW Vision Next 100's aim is to be an autonomous car that retains the personal connection between the driver and car. 

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Adrian van Hooydonk, BMW's head of design, said: "Technology should be as intuitive as possible to operate and experience so that future interactions between human, machine and surroundings become seamless. The BMW Vision Next 100 shows how we intend to shape this future.”

The concept also looks into new manufacturing processes and materials including the use of "4D printing", and new ways of controlling in-car tech, doing away with traditional buttons and touchscreens. The interior features plenty of space in 'Ease' mode, with ambient lighting and an airy feel - but it can change to 'Boost' mode to allow driver input. It can learn about your driving habits as well, with what BMW calls a 'Companion' system.

The car also features a frame of 800 moving triangles, organic LEDs that can move, a head-up display for the whole windscreen and renewable materials inside.

The concept has large wheels, a copper colour scheme and a very aerodynamic design. It can also change shape, using a system called Alive Geometry to flex the bodywork as the car drives. Wing doors complete the futuristic exterior look.

We also expect to see MINI and Rolls-Royce concepts in the summer as well, that will look into the future for those brands in a similar way.

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