BMW i3 video review

28 Oct, 2013 2:37pm

We fly to Amsterdam to test the new, all-electric BMW i3 in this video review

The BMW i3 is unlike any other BMW we've driven before - it's all-electric, has a body built from carbon fibre and is the smallest vehicle in the current 'i' line-up.

BMW i3 full review

The unique carbon fibre body never ceases to amaze us. It stops the car from flexing too much in the bends and it's resulted in a really low overall weight - the BMW i3 weighs in at just 1195kg, making it 300kgs lighter than the Nissan LEAF. There's no need for a B-pillar as the body is so rigid, meaning accessibility is great.

The steering is nice and direct with just a hint of feedback. Generally, it's a lot of fun. Albeit the roads on Amsterdam aren't the best dynamic test, but it's worth mentioning that even with all the torque from the electric motor and some skinny, low grip tyres, it's not easy to do big slides.

But the torque does come in handy - 0-63mph takes just 7.2 seconds, which is Renaultsport Clio territory. We drove the top-spec i3 with the Suite interior trim which is a perfect, futuristic design for this type of car.

A special sat-nav comes as standard - this can direct you to a recharging point within the remaining range. Speaking of, the BMW i3 is supposed to be capable of covering 125 miles on a single charge (but that's in super-efficient ECOPRO+ mode).

In the world of electric cars, the BMW i3 is definitely a class contender. It's not one of the cheapest options out there - the one we drove cost £25,860 - but it's highly desirable; a true BMW.

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The reason I would NOT want to own one is that it IS a BMW!

George you are a fool. BMW makes great cars, if you dont like dont buy it,sure a Skoda rapid Will do it for you.

Thanks for an interesting and useful review Luke - covers all the main bits I wanted to know. I'm not a BMW fan, but I agree with you that this is a desirable electric car - no small feat from Bee Em. Thanks again

2 gallon fuel tank on range extender gives 40 t0 50 miles per gallon, whilst pretty poor at least it will get you home in an emergency and I suppose on the odd occasion you want to go further without having to stop for electric charge.

Think I saw this in Zandvoort

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