Bristol Blenheim Coupe review (2000-2011)

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Bristol Blenheim 3
2000-2011 model
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With more recognised luxury marques now in foreign control Bristol is totally unique in providing bespoke luxury cars for discerning customers. The Blenheim 3 model is a four-seat coupe that blends discrete looks, ample performance and a sumptuous handcrafted interior to create a unique motoring experience that has more than a hint of nostalgia about it. Borrowing technology from aircraft construction Bristols appeal to a small band of wealthy customers wanting beautifully engineered and packaged vehicles with continent crossing ability.

Power comes from a 5.9-litre V8 engine that gives the Blenheim 3 and 3S a serious turn of speed. The 3S is the more focused drivers model with uprated brakes, suspension and engine enhancements giving a sharper drive but for a healthy premium over the Blenheim 3. 'Modern' technology like ABS and airbags are ignored, customers preferring it this way, though Bristol can tailor each car to its owners exacting specification, even down to the weight of the power steering. Well-heeled customers with environmental concerns can now buy the 3G model, a LPG Blenheim, which means London-located owners will be able to avoid the £5 a day congestion charge and benefit from a greater range and cheaper fuel too. With only one dealership, in Knightsbridge London, Bristol ownership is an exclusive club, that being where a large part of Bristol's appeal lies.

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Last updated: 29 Dec, 2006