290mph Bugatti Veyron

15 Nov, 2012 4:31pm Jack Rix

The new 1,600bhp Bugatti Veyron will be the world's fastest supercar when it arrives next year

If the standard Veyron isn’t fast enough for you, Bugatti is developing an all-new ‘super’ Veyron – according to reports – and these exclusive images show how it could look.

The car will be capable of hitting nearly 290mph and covering 0-62mph in a mind-bending 1.8 seconds. That’s 30mph and seven-tenths up on the current 1,183bhp Veyron Super Sport.

To achieve this incredible performance, Bugatti will hike power to around 1,600bhp and cut 250kg from the kerbweight.

“We are working on the next super-sports car,” chief vehicle engineer Jens Schulenburg told us. “The big challenge will be reducing weight – we are looking at some incredible technologies, such as wheels made entirely from carbon fibre. We’re considering hybrids, too.”

The same quad-turbo W16 engine will be used, but capacity could be increased from 8.0 to 9.6 litres in order to liberate more power. The addition of an electric motor could help hit the 1,600bhp target, too. Our images show the car will get a lower, more slippery body to boost aerodynamics, while keeping the Veyron’s distinctive grille and proportions.

It seems we won’t have a long wait before the world’s fastest car is unveiled, either – it’s set to debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 2013.

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Amazing news, but to be frank, the Veyron, as amazing as it was and is technically, is an old car. It came out in 2005 after protracted development and the design is really around 10 years old. Much of the carbon fibre technology used is outdated and that shows up in the weight. Whilst a lot of new technology can be retrofitted to the car, it will still likely be a bit behind what is possible, compared to the Porsche 918, the McLaren P1 and Ferrari F70. Having said that, I doubt that will stop too many people from throwing down their money for what will still be the most amazing straight line road car ever built.

i would love to see James may try and go 290 in this bad boy lol

Looks Like A Wasp Ugly ! Whats the point Speed Cameras Everywhere Plus Not Many Roads Straight & Long Enough To Do Crazy Speeds Or The Driving Ability Talent, 290 MPH Thats jet Speed Thats Whats Missing Off This Pointless Car VAG/BUGATTI Just Showing Off What They Can Do, Wow Well Done Have A Gold Star *.

This will be an amazing car, people may say what they think about the veyron but there is nothing out there that compares they are a luxury grand tourer with all the extras and comforts that just happens to be the fastest car out there and it terms of what they cost to build they are a bargain! When people stop making cars like this the world will be a fair less interesting place.

Lol, you mad bro? jealous you can't afford one? I bet you drive a 1992 1.1 fiesta popular plus

I agree, though I do quite like the styling and admire what they've done. But when all is said and done what is the point of someone buying this for a substantial fortune and rarely (if ever) having the opportunity of driving it to anywhere near its full potential? As they say... A fool and his money are easily parted!

I wonder how long the fuel and tyres would last if you decided to push it to the max. The original Veyron was claimed to get through a tank of fuel in just under 19 minutes flat out (covering 80 miles) and if the SuperSport version wasn't speed limited apparently it could destroy its tyres in just 5 minutes!

How much?

Its like a fat bloke with a rocket pack. I cannot stand the Veyron.

Well, that doesn't surprise me what's Bugatti is busy with. My friend is designing a 1400 hp super-car (470 km/h) and the word has been spread ;-)

Technically interesting, thought provoking, and totally pointless. I suppose that is the epitome of a supercar these days. Footballers, Simon Cowell, and one or two Euromillions winners please form a tidy queue.

As much as I can admire it, I really really don't want one.

I think you miss the point

Ok looking car, never really took the the Veryon, but also the most pointless car ever made. Wow, you can do 290 for the 3 mins your fuel lasts.. pointless, should just give it stupid acceleration and cap the speed to 200 and that's still stupid. It'll be the ultimate gentlemans willy waving toy.

2005? go have a rethink

1 The Should Built from Scratch Engneer Designed inly by Math too! Agreed The Speed omeder read 310 on Guage too!~ 155 In the top middle od guage too!

The New Buggiti Super Sport #2 is top Speed of maxium Speed of 290 Miles Per Hour too! Turbo prop Engine too! to replaced the old Gasolean Engine is obseloite in the future for super Cars too! Agreed!! The engine is in the rear of trunk of new Car wiith Turbo Jet engine!

omg .....wheres that lotto ticket ...its here somewhere !!!!

It's not pointless. It's an engineering exercise and will benefit VW group. Spearhead technology is important.

The SS was only meant to top out at 270mph but got pushed to almost 290mph, by that logic, it's safe to say that the super veyron may well become the worlds first 300mph+ production road car which would be a groundbreaking achievement.

Bugatti playing a very clever game, with 4 turbo chargers they can keep cranking up the boost everytime people get bored of them. They can easily get 2000 BHP out of an engine of that size and number of turbos - only problem is reliability

1. The Worlds Fastest Supercar An Record top Speed is Bugatti Vernon Supersport #2: will Hit top Speed by May,1st 2013 A.D. on Market too! was Built too! Top Record Speed is Fastest is 290 M.P.H,Maxium Peak Limit too! The Fastest Legal Supercar in 50 States too! By all The Fifty States too! true!!!! It out on Market on Dealership to Show it to the Public too! !!!

1. Note: The New Supervernon ;Bugutti Vernon :,has 1600 blance Horespower Engine. The Speed is 290 Miles Per Hour too!!

Next thing you know itll be 300 mph

1 The new Bagitti Vernon:Aoto Express

The New Bagutti Vernon:Auto Express: Will Be on Market by 2014 A.D too! On the First Day of 01/03/2014 A.D too! The New Speed Record is 290 Miles Per Hour too!!!

not something to run to the store with or pickup the kids from school but as an
exercise of engineering very well done

Can't wait to see this!

1. The (290) M.P.H Should be Street Legal in the U.S.A. too! For Bugatti Vernon ! Agree!

Turbocharge or supercharge a Suzuki Hayabusa with a little engine work and you could achieve the same figures without spending a zillion pounds

How? How is making a car go 290mph EVER going to help the engineering of other cars? When the Veryon can already do 260mph. It is pointless and willy waving and you know it. Do you see anyone else making 290mph cars? No.

I pitty your jealously. You are hating on a car just because you cannot afford it. I am not a fan of the Veyron, but in terms of engineering it stands for a lot.

There is a lot of thought and engineering to make a road car reach 260mph, never mind 290mph. Aerodynamics, car components being able to last. The only reason we are at this point of technological advancement in cars is because previous designers and company's continued to push the boundaries.

So stop being ignorant, you don't have to like the car. However you have to admire it, what it can do and the engineering and thought put into it.

1600HP LOL thats as dumb as a boy racer's huge exhaust on a 1.1L engine ... pointless a car thats only good for drag racing on a perfect straight road and posing..

I can imagine what damage 1600HP will do to a set of tyres. I cant imagine having 1600 HP under my right foot it must be like driving a wheel barrow with a huge rocket straped on it??...

This seems now, in 2014, to have been proven to be yet more VW Group twaddle. Could AE staff please stop publishing this slurry of VW Goup PR?