World’s worst junctions

3 Sep, 2007 3:01am James Disdale

With the help of Google Earth, we present the most confusing traffic systems on the planet...

At Auto Express, we’ve tested cars all over the world, and in the process driven through and round some of the biggest cities. And that means we have encountered some of the most challenging road systems, too. Here, we’ve picked our top 10 most confusing – and for each, a member of our team explains why it deserves to be in the list.

The wonderful Google Earth software allows you to see what they mean, thanks to its fleet of satellites. Our locations range from vast concrete interchanges in the US to crazy roundabouts in Europe. And two infamous UK traffic systems are also included.

Grid references are provided for each junction so you can look yourself; download the software from then simply enter the numbers.

Do you know of any more nightmare junctions in the UK or anywhere else in the world? If so, E-mail in the Google Earth grid references to