Reborn Capri

30 Apr, 2008 1:50pm Sam Hardy

A legend is ready to return, as Ford prepares to join coupé class with dramatic new star

It's the car every Ford fan has been waiting to see! Here’s the new Capri.

The original was one of the most famous and best loved models in the firm’s history, and left the scene in the late Eighties. Now, the time has come to reinvent the classic.

Affordable coupés are experiencing a real renaissance, and Ford has already proved its talent for building niche products with models such as the S-MAX compact MPV and Kuga 4x4. So the stage is set for the Capri to make its stunning comeback.

One thing is for sure – it will not be short of competition. Audi has its A5 and Volkswagen has resurrected the Scirocco, while Toyota is planning a Celica replacement based on Subaru Impreza running gear.

There’s also Hyundai’s forthcoming Coupé, plus news that Peugeot has at last given its 308 RC Z the green light for production.

But while there will be an army of rivals, the Capri will certainly have style in its favour. As you can see from our pictures, the new Ford is a real feast for the eyes. If it seems a little familiar, that’s because it takes some cues from the 2003 Visos concept.

However, it mixes those with the company’s latest design themes. At the front there are the trademark twin grilles, with a large lower air intake incorporating neat spotlights. Bold Mondeo-style headlamps complete the Capri’s striking look.

Its profile harks back to the original model, with a tail-heavy stance and familiar C-shaped rear windows and thick pillars. At the back, strong shoulder lines combine with distinctive tail-lights and a sloping tailgate to create a pert-looking rear. A neat roof spoiler and venturi-style lower bumper finish the design off.

Inside, the Capri will offer a 2+2 seating layout, with a cabin inspired by the current-generation Mondeo’s. Under the skin, it’s likely that Ford will follow VW’s approach with the Scirocco, which sits on the Golf platform, and base the car around the Focus. That will mean a front-wheel-drive layout and a similar engine line-up to the family model, with the range topped by the 2.5-litre five-cylinder turbocharged unit from the ST hot hatch.

An RS version, powered by a 3.2-litre six-cylinder motor and offering four-wheel drive, could also be on the cards.

With the Focus as a starting point, things bode well for the Capri’s handling. Engineers will give the new model a sporty suspension set-up to ensure excellent grip and agility. There’s even the possibility it will benefit from the Mondeo’s adaptive damping system. This would provide the car with sharp handling or refined cruising ability at the flick of a switch.

As Ford has yet to officially confirm its new Capri plans, we won’t see the car before the next decade. However, it has been reported that the blue oval is planning to reveal a concept version of the coupé at a major motor show in 2009.

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"It's the car every Ford fan has been waiting to see!"?


Every ford fan has been waiting for a RWD coupe - not a butchered family hatchback.

Make what you like - just use a different name.

Didn't work with the Probe and looks set to fail again with front wheel drive nothing to do with Capri drivetrain layout. Rolling out the RS badges will not an RS3100 make. Let sleeping dogs lie and stick to making moderns ;)

2009, really?

another made up story that has no basis in reality, I so wish you lot would stop it

It looks nice but it'll be a flop just like the Probe and the Cougar before it, the capri died in 1986 and it's a classic for a reason, Ford can't rekindle that original concept, because it looks and probably drives like just another modern car, if they were to make a raw RWD car like the Capri then they might be in with a shout. I have owned both a Capri and a Cougar, I see what the had with the Capri, but the Cougar I can see why it was a flop, sharp handling, but even with a V6 it was underpowered and slow.

Reborn Capri ??? Really, exactly the same rubbish they were spouting when they tried to push the Cougar and Probe on us, also with front wheel drive, my best memories of a capri were powersliding around a wet roundabout with a little 2 litre pinto lump up front making me smile. The car we are shown here is nothing at all like a capri, ffs Ford, you re-lifed the Mustang, and that looks like a Mustang enough to warrant being called a Mustang while being modern, why not have the same approach to the new Capri rather than some lame hatchback with FWD and a Capri badge which looks NOTHING like the former glory days we had with this model.

Marcus, this is just an Auto Express photoshop cobblers, to sell a few more mags. Ignore it is is just nonsense.

I wonder if Ford will ever make a new Puma.

If it's not RWD it's not a Capri.