Bentley Turbo R roars back!

Bentley Turbo R roars back!
11 Apr, 2011 5:36pm Ben Foulds

Classic muscle car revived, based on Mulsanne, 6.75-litre V8 set for power hike to 600bhp

Nearly 10 years after it was dropped, the Bentley Turbo R is about to make a comeback!

We first revealed the firm’s plans to introduce a coupé version when the Mulsanne was launched in 2009. And now, insiders are admitting that it could revive the evocative badge.

The original Turbo R was produced from 1985 to 1994, and based on the Mulsanne Turbo. With a Rolls-Royce-sourced V8 engine putting out around 350bhp – official figures weren’t released – and suspension tuned to match, it created what was to become the last word in luxury muscle cars.

Bentley has yet to officially confirm the move, but a spiritual successor would be the perfect fit for a performance version of the coupé.

Under the bonnet of the new Turbo R would be the current Mulsanne limo’s 6.75-litre V8, although power is likely to be increased from the saloon’s 510bhp to nearer 600bhp.

It could be launched in 2013, and our rendering shows how the coupé would look. 

The front end is identical to that of the four-door, complete with the signature grille and controversial drooping headlights. However, from the A-pillar back it’s all new, with the rear doors deleted in favour of a swooping coupé profile. The Turbo R will join a trio of new Bentleys planned for launch from 2015, each featuring Porsche underpinnings. 

On the schedule is a £150,000 five-door coupé based on the Continental GT, and using the platform from the next-generation Panamera. There is also a plush Cayenne-based 4x4 crossover, plus a £90,000 coupé to rival the Maserati GranTurismo.