UK’s parking ticket lottery

UK’s parking ticket lottery
25 May, 2012 11:11am Julie Sinclair

Dodging parking tickets has become a postcode lottery, according to new figures released today

New data released under the Freedom of Information Act shows that the number of fines issued by each traffic warden every year varies dramatically according to where you live.

London motorists are hardest hit, with wardens there dishing out up to 8,709 tickets each a year. But outside the capital, Liverpool is the worst place for overzealous attendants: they issued 2,616 tickets each in the city last year, with a grand total of 146,503 in 2011.

In the Hertfordshire city of St Albans, meanwhile, ticketing rates jumped from 563 for each warden in 2010 to 2,458 in 2011.

By comparison, motorists in Inverness have the least productive wardens in the UK. Highland Council figures reveal that each attendant wrote out only 139 tickets last year.

AA president Edmund King told Auto Express: “Some of this boils down to vast differences in traffic flow, but some of it reflects the incentives and philosophy of the parking regime in question. There’s no doubt some [ticketing] is more about revenue, and not about reducing traffic flow.”

Almost 1.8 million disputed fines were recorded in 2011, but insurer reveals the number of tickets cancelled varied from 11 per cent in the city of Bradford, W Yorks, to 72 per cent in Chichester, West Sussex.

Five UK councils outside London issuing the most tickets per warden

Local authority Parking tickets per warden
Liverpool City Council 2,616
St Albans City and District Council, Herts 2,458
Coventry City Council, West Midlands 2,220
Worcester City Council, West Midlands 2,125
Oxford City Council 2,037

Five UK councils outside London issuing the least tickets per warden

Local authority Parking tickets per warden
Highland Council, Inverness 139
Lancaster City Council 189
Sunderland City Council, Tyne and Wear 296
City of Ely Council, Cambridgeshire 495
Wolverhampton City Council, West Midlands 580