Fastest roads in Britain

Britain's fastest road
17 Aug, 2012 9:57am Julie Sinclair

The UK's fastest roads have been named, and 70 per cent of them are A-roads not motorways

Britain's fastest roads have been named and shamed – and 70 per cent of them are not motorways.

The A27 Arundel Road in Binsted, West Sussex, has the dubious honour of taking the number one slot in our top 10 league table – after one motorcyclist was caught speeding at 152mph last year.

The police data, supplied to insurer Liverpool Victoria (LV=) following a Freedom of Information request, reveals that the UK’s second fastest road is the A90 from Dundee to Aberdeen in Scotland, despite it being notorious for speed cameras.

Tayside Police recorded speeds as high as 139mph, 141mph and 149mph in the years 2009, 2010 and 2011 respectively – the period over which all the data was gathered.

The south of England and Scotland dominate the table, in fact, accounting for the roads occupying the top five places. LV= managing director John O’Roarke said: “All motorists share a responsibility to other road users, and driving at high speeds dramatically increases the chance of failing to react quickly enough in an emergency.

“These motorists need to realise Britain’s roads are not race tracks, and driving at such high speeds is very dangerous.”

Speed (mph) Road
1 152 A27 Arundel Road, Binstead, W Sussex
2 149 A90 Dundee to Aberdeen (pictured)
3 144 A303 Cartgate, Somerset
4 142 M40 J2-4, Buckinghamshire
5 141 A90 Dundee to Aberdeen
6= 139 A690 West Rainton, Co. Durham
6= 139 A435 Hollywood towards Birmingham
6= 139 A90 Dundee to Aberdeen
7= 138 M6 at Brunthwaite, Cumbria
7= 138 M1 Northbound near Ratby, Leics
8 137 M65, Burnley, Lancashire
9 134 A27 West Ashling, Chichester, W Sussex
10= 133 M1 Southbound, Swinford, Leics
10= 133 A47 Tilney All Saints, Norfolk

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if i can just add 142mph on m60 ring road manchester too,lol

I would love to hear some of the excuses for the speeding.

'Sorry officer I sneezed whilst driving my Veyron and the next time i looked I was doing 152mph'. he he

Looks like LV is looking for reasons to push up their insurance prices.

OK, lets go along with this. Now tell us how many crashes have been caused at those speeds. I'd lay a bet that the answer is "not many" if any at all. Crashes are caused by lack of attention, driving conditions or inappropriate speed at busy times or a combination of these - speed alone is not the factor or all of these people would be smears on the windscreen of life.

Correct, most crashes are caused by driver error. In surveys, it doesn't matter who you ask – young males, Americans, old people, student s– 90% of drivers say they're of above average ability, which means there are lots of very bad drivers out there who think they're very good. In fact, I bet you think you're a great driver too, one that's brilliant at controlling a ton of metal at 100mph.

Yes, it's this kind of illusory stupidity that gets people killed. Sadly, it doesn't just kill the retard that's driving fast (that wouldn't bother me for a second), it usually kills someone else too: like a young kid crossing a road, a couple in another car, or a bloke cycling home from work to his family.

You should think hard about the words written here. It won't sink in immediately, but you should give it your best shot. It might just stop you being the world's biggest asshole forever.

Can I add 138 on the A66 Darlington Middlesbrough - Was caught and penalised - learnt my lesson the hard way - Police man pulled me with a smile - took him 11 miles to catch up - silly slow bmw's !!