The best car adverts ever

19 Dec, 2012 10:15am

We asked you to vote for your favourite TV car adverts of all-time – and now we count down the top 20...

What’s the greatest TV car advert of all-time? That was the question we posed to you back in November, and now we have an answer.

We drew up a shortlist of 20 classic ads with the help of Richard Megson, award-winning creative director of top ad agency The Red Brick Road. And thousands of you voted for your favourites at

Now you can see the complete list of contenders, with Megson’s professional analysis of each one. There are no losers – these are some of the best adverts ever made – but there is a winner.

So which is it? The Skoda Fabia made out of cake? Citroen’s dancing C4 Transformer? Or the legendary Renault Clio Papa and Nicole series? Here are the results… And whether you agree with the result or not, you can still enjoy them all by clicking the links on the left.

The results

1. Honda Accord: The Cog
2. Ford Puma: Steve McQueen
3. Peugeot 206: The Sculptor
4. Citroen C4: Transformers
5. Volkswagen Golf GTI: Changes
6. Volkswagen Passat: The Force
7. Skoda Fabia: A piece of cake
8. Renault Clio: Nicole and Papa
9. Fiat Strada: Hand built by robots
10. Volkswagen Golf GTI: Singing in the rain
11. Toyota GT 86: The real deal
12. Peugeot 405: Take my breath away
13. Vauxhall Meriva and Zafira: Little dads
14. Land Rover: Discovery 4
15. Audi A4: Not my style
16. Volkswagen Golf: Best left alone
17. Vauxhall Astra: Babies
18. Skoda Fabia: Factory tour
19. Nissan Almera: Sweeney
20. Toyota Corolla: A car to be proud of

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80's VW golf GTi ad has to be in that list

the honda cog followed by the skoda cake.

You don't list the best ever - S Plate specials from Leyland cars. Summer 1977 marinas and princesses being driven on to a transporter to the tune of 6 - 5 special coming down the line Sham.

Skoda Fabia VRS advert - made of meaner stuff

The Peugeot 406 'Search for the Hero' advert should also have been here. Apart from that there are some great ads there, the best has to be the VW Golf Singing in the rain one though, closely followed by The Cog, Transformers and Bhangra Nights.

What a great competition. I havnt even seen some of those ads. Such a hard choice, some great ads

What about Ford's "Driven by You" campaign with a song by Brian May

Agree with the 406 ad, that's always stuck in my mind. Also the Volvo 850 ads with the tornado and the narrow bridge.
The production values on those 90s adverts were huge, cinematic.

Any of the American VW Beetle advertisements from the late 60's. All will bring a smile to your face.

I was thinking about the Volvo 850 adverts of the mid-1990s as well. The tornado advert was called "Twister" and the advert with the bridge "Stunt Man". Iconic adverts of the time. No wonder my first new car was a Volvo!

This is an omission; Clio getupa!:

Honda Cog is brilliant; Skoda cake, Astra babies and GT86 are OK - the rest nothing special...

The ad they banned

I can't get GT86 ad out of my head. It's haunting tune, surrealist atmoshphere, pixel world. Get in your car and break free from it all. No wonder they banned it. You've got to think inside the walls.

I personally always loved the b&w polo one from years ago with the couple in the polo and his wife/girlfriend was blindfolded. She moaned he'd bought her a polo as a gift but the surprise was he was dumping her somewhere she didn't know.

What about the Vauxhall Nova one (driving through a building site to beat rush hour traffic) or the original Fiat Cinqucento one...??? Glad to see you remembered the original Peugeot 405 advert though!

Got a link to that?

i like honda's impossible dream