Pagani Zonda Revolucion

Pagani Zonda Revolucion
4 Jun, 2013 2:55pm Tom Phillips

Pagani has shown off the latest ‘ultimate’ version of its Zonda supercar, the £2.2m Zonda Revolucion

This is the Pagani Zonda Revolucion, the most recent, ‘ultimate’ incarnation of the Zonda supercar. The track-only model was unveiled to Pagani’s clients during the ninth running of its 'Vanishing Point 2013 - International Pagani' gathering.

Power comes from a tuned 6.0-litre Mercedes  AMG V12 that develops 789bhp and 730Nm of torque – up 49bhp and 20Nm respectively over the figures that Pagani claims for the Zonda R.

Pagani is yet to make any performance claims for the car, but the Zonda Revolucion is expected to be marginally faster from 0-62mph than the 3.0 seconds it takes the Zonda R, and also eclipse its 233mph top speed.

The Zonda Revolucion is based on the already massively fast Zonda R, but uses Pagani’s latest carbon-titanium material for its monocoque to shave 34kg from the Zonda R’s kerbweight. That means the Revolucion weighs just 1,070kg –almost exactly the same as a Volkswagen Polo – and has a power to weight ratio of 738bhp per tonne.

The Revolucion features a six-speed sequential gearbox that changes gear in just 20 milliseconds, while the car also features a Bosch-developed 12-stage traction control system.

Pagani has also fitted its latest model with Brembo’s F1-derived carbon-composite brakes, which cut weight by 15 per cent and are most resistant to fade, plus a new ABS system.

In addition to the technical upgrades, the Revolucion benefits from some aerodynamic tweaks, which include winglets on the front bumper and an F1-style Drag Reduction System (DRS) rear wing.

The DRS system can switch between high-drag or high-speed modes at the push of a button, at speeds above 62mph. Hold the button longer, and the car will automatically switch between modes based on algorithms programmed by Pagani.

And the cost for the Zonda Revolucion? Pagani charges 2.2-million Euros plus tax for its ultimate trackday car, which makes the car a little over £2.2-million here at the current exchange rate. Just five will be made, with four already sold.