The best automotive tweeters

Automotive tweeters
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26 Feb, 2014 10:31am Nathan Velayudhan

We round-up the best automotive tweeters, from journos to PRs and even the odd celeb, too

Pop band One Direction might have claimed the crown as the UK's most influential Tweeters, followed closely by the likes of Ed Sheeran, Piers Morgan and Ricky Gervais. But here at Auto Express, we wanted to give you a more motoring-focused insight into the world of Twitter.

So, we've rounded up our own list of influential Tweeters, looking solely at the automotive world. We’ve got everything from PRs to racing drivers – and there's even the odd journalist thrown in there. We compiled the list using statistics and information such as followers and account reach. Yet we've also considered tweeters who offer more intangible values - news, comedy, and those who are simply really interesting.

Scroll to the bottom, and you'll even find a handy list of Twitter handles from everybody (well, most people) on the Auto Express team.

The list is in no particular order, but these are our favourite tweeters nonetheless: 

1. Ben Collins / Stig - @BenCollinsStig 
40,000 + followers

It's the Stig (well, the former Stig) – what more do we need to say? An interesting character to follow, and at 40,890 followers, he's doing all right in the Twittersphere. We wish he'd Tweet more, though.

2. Kicking Tyres - @kickingtyres 
1,100 + followers

Probably the coolest Twitter account we've come across. These guys Tweet about interesting and retro cars that go on sale on Ebay and other online classified platforms.

3. Sniff Petrol - @sniffpetrol 
50,000 + followers

The alter-ego of respected motoring journalist and evo columnist Richard Porter posts satirical tweets and links to his blog about real-life happenings in the automotive world. It’s often hilarious and regularly quite biting. He also has almost 50,000 followers.

4. Rebecca Racer - @RebeccaRacer 
4,000 + followers

All-in-one motoring journalist, racing driver, presenter and business woman. You can find her regularly in CarBuyer videos, occasionally in Auto Express and from time to time, on the telly on ITV4’s I Want That Car. 

5.  James May - @MrJamesMay 
1,000,000 + followers

We could've picked one of the others from the trio, but the fact is, James May's a lot more interesting - at least, as far as Twitter is concerned. His Twitter utterings include random poetry, weird animal tweets (see below) and the occasional automotive opinion.

6. Bloodhound SSC - @BLOODHOUND_SSC  13,300 + followers

— Delcam AMS (@DelcamAMS) February 24, 2014

The official Twitter account for the 1,000mph (1,600kmh) Land Speed Record Vehicle, aka, the Bloodhound SSC. It provides a fascinating behind-the-scenes glimpse into the ambitious project.

7. Euro NCAP - @EuroNCAP 
3,390 + followers

The official site of the European New Car Assessment Programme – the people who decide if new cars are safe, or not. If you want to know if your car gets one star or five stars for safety, then you need to follow this account. 

8. Scott Brownlee - @ToyotaPR 
12,700 + followers

The Head of PR and social media for Toyota and Lexus in the UK posts, as you might imagine, mostly Toyota or Lexus-themed tweets. Still, he tends to post genuinely interesting pictures, and you’ll find some unusual metal mentioned on his feed.

9. Perfection Valet - @perfectionvalet 
5,470 + followers

Essentially, this guy valets really nice cars for a living, and tweets about it. He also provides pictures of shiny ferraris and Porsches on a daily basis. What’s not to like?

10. The Guild of Motoring Writers - @gomw_uk 
2,190 + followers

This is the official account for the world's largest association for automotive editorial professionals. They post tweets about regular awards, up-and-coming journalists and general news from the motoring world.

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