London's new Metrocab electric taxi could save cabbies £40 a day

16 Jan, 2014 10:02am Jonathan Burn

The new Range Extended Electric London Metrocab will return over 75mpg, with trials to begin in London this week

Specifications for the new British designed and engineered Range Extended Electric Metrocab have been revealed. Developed by Frazer-Nash and Ecotive, the new eco London taxi will be trialed in the city this week prior to a roll-out in other major UK cities.

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Fully compliant with London Public Carriage Office (PCO) regulations, the cab is powered by two 67bhp electric motors mated with a 1.0-litre petrol range extender engine and generator to help recharge the batteries on the move. The range is claimed to be over 347 miles on the combined cycle, and an external charging point also provided – which can be used via a standard household socket.

The new Metrocab is claimed to be over three times more efficient than the current crop of London cabs, capable of returning over 75mpg, saving London cabbies roughly £30 – £40 per day. The CO2 output has also been reduced by 75 per cent, with emissions of only 50g/km.

Inside, there is seating for up to seven passengers, with a USB charging socket, panoramic glass roof and colour TV display all provided for their convenience. A multifunction touchscreen display, digital infotainment system, hands free phone, air con and air suspension are also fitted as standard.

Having been in development for over 10 years, the new Metrocab has covered over 600,000 engineering test miles. London cabbies are invited to trial the new cab this week by registering online and while a price tag has not yet been set, Metrocab has announced there will be no price premium over the current black cab, which costs around £33,000.