Apple iCar: iOS is coming to your vehicle

30 Jan, 2014 1:49pm Nathan Velayudhan

Leaked video shows Apple's 'iOS in the Car' will soon be a reality

IOS in the Car, otherwise known as iOSitC, is part of Apple's aim to amalgamate iOS devices with car manufacturers' infotainment systems and it's coming to UK roads soon.

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A video leaked by app developer Steven Troughton-Smith shows what appears to be Apple's iOS in the Car feature, which is supposedly coming soon to iOS 7 devices.

The video shows an iPhone hooked up to a separate 800x400 window, which is presumably Apple's take on an in-car display screen.

The video also depicts the use of voice control to select an area on the map such as "San Francisco." An exciting prospect which would eliminate having to faff with tiny touch-buttons on a sat-nav screen.

So far, iOS in the Car has the backing of over 20 car manufacturers, including big names like BMW, Toyota, Ford and Volvo.

The Apple iOS in the Car feature will see the tech giant compete head on with arch nemesis Google, which is developing a version of Android for the car and has already formed partnerships with Audi, Honda, Hyundai, Vauxhall and Chevrolet.

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