Felino cB7: new 525bhp carbon fibre supercar revealed

3 Feb, 2014 3:29pm James Mortimore

Canadian supercar company unveils its first model, the 1,135kg carbon fibre Felino cB7

Canadian manufacturer Felino has unveiled details of its upcoming cB7 supercar, as well as a video of it driving around the Canadian GP circuit (below).

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Powered by a choice of 4-, 6- or 8-cylinder engines, the cB7 produces 525bhp and 610Nm of torque (in V8 form), although performance figures are yet to be released. Power is transferred to the tarmac by a six-speed manual or sequential gearbox.

The cB7 weighs in at 1135kg thanks to aggressive and angular body panels made from a mixture of composite and carbon fibre elements. Adjustable spring and damper rates allow owners to tailor the handling for the track or the road.

The car measures 4,191mm in length, 1,930mm in width and has a 2,451mm wheelbase, giving it a footprint similar to that of a Lotus Elise. A six-point harness, race suit cooling, removable (quick release) steering wheel and HID performance headlights are all available on the options list.

Expect the cB7 to cost close to $100,000 (£68,768) when deliveries begin in 2015.

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