Batman's new Batmobile revealed

5 Jun, 2014 10:52am Jordan Bishop

Rocksteady Studios reveals new Batmobile for Batman: Arkham Knight video game, equipped with 'Battle Mode' cannon and riot suppressor

Batman is set to get a fresh pair of wheels sooner than expected, even though the next film installment to feature the Dark Knight – Zack Snyder’s superhero mash-up – won’t be hitting cinemas until 2016. 

Instead, the latest incarnation of the Batmobile will feature in next year’s Batman: Arkham Knight video game, developed by Rocksteady Studios and previewed by a video posted online (below).

Design cues have clearly been taken from the Tumbler used in Christopher Nolan’s recent trilogy, although it also appears to bear a resemblance to the vehicle Ben Affleck’s Caped Crusader will get for the forthcoming Batman v Superman movie. 

Helping Batman maintain law and order in the game-version of Gotham City, the new Batmobile is equipped with a specific ‘Battle Mode’. Alongside widening the car’s stance and switching the LED-like headlights to a menacing red, this setting launches a number of specially designed combat aids.

These include a 60mm cannon, Vulcan gun, missile barrage system, and riot suppressor, all of which suggests a slightly more no-nonsense Batman for the fourth-installment of the Arkham action-adventure series.

What’s more, this is certain to add a significant amount of weight, so expect the new Batmobile to feature a rather substantial engine.