Car accidents on the up in 20mph zones

10 Jul, 2014 7:00am Joe Finnerty

Serious casualties resulting from road accidents in 20mph zones rose 29% in 2013 according to latest figures

The number of serious accidents in 20mph zones increased by more than a quarter in 2013, and just putting up 20mph signs on the roads isn’t enough, one motoring body has said. 

Department for Transport figures show casualties in 20mph zones rose with serious casualties up 29 per cent and slight casualties up by 19 per cent.

The Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) is calling for more to be done to change the look of 20mph roads rather than just putting up new signs. 

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IAM chief executive Simon Best said: “The Government and councils must take stock on the effectiveness of 20mph signs. In locations with accident problems, authorities need to spend more on changing the character of our roads so 20mph is obvious, self-enforcing and causes fewer injuries.”

The IAM also pointed to the long-term investment strategy which is in operation in Europe and creates high-quality segregated or shared surfaces that have led to a safer environment for both cyclists and pedestrians.

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