Cruise control

Cruise control
18 Feb, 2016 1:50pm Martin Saarinen

What is it? Cruise control takes over the throttle from the driver and manages speed automatically.

Why? Using cruise control adds comfort to long-distance journeys. It will also help you avoid fines in average speed camera zones, and boost fuel economy.

How? It’s trickier to fit than DAB, as you’ll need to remove the likes of the steering wheel airbag. The ECU may require reprogramming, too; professional help is advised.

Should I do it? Most cruise control set-ups won’t stretch the budget, despite a visit to the garage, and the benefits are ease of driving and lower fuel bills. Go for it if you can get your hands on a manufacturer-approved system.

Prices? These vary for make and car, but systems start from around £60, which is something of a bargain. 

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