Head-up display (HUD)

Head-up display
18 Feb, 2016 1:50pm Martin Saarinen

What is it? A transparent screen that displays essential information like speed and sat-nav directions on to the windscreen and into the driver’s eyeline, fighter pilot-style.

Why? With an HUD, you have one less distraction to worry about while driving. Some also warn you when breaking speed limits and transmit other critical info to the screen.

How? Systems like Garmin’s HUD+ (above) only need a 12V socket to work, but they do leave an annoying wire hanging over the centre console and clutter the dash.

Should I do it? Not the most necessary of accessories, but if you’re looking for a little space-age technology to spice up the dashboard, an HUD fits the bill.

Prices? The Garmin HUD+ – nominated as our Innovation of the Year in 2015 – is available from as little as £115.

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