Tesco slashes 50ppl off fuel prices

24 Jul, 2012 7:10pm Julie Sinclair

Motorists can save up to 50 pence per litre on fuel prices at Tesco using vouchers collected in store

Fancy paying less than 100 pence per litre (ppl) at the pumps? The latest supermarket forecourt deal could let you do just that.

Upping the ante in the fuel prices war, supermarket giant Tesco is now offering up to 50ppl off a single fill-up, to motorists collecting key vouchers in-store.

The deal slashes current forecourt prices to pre-2008 levels, according to Tesco; dropping unleaded to just 83.12pp and diesel to 88.21ppl, based on today’s average UK fuel prices of 133.12ppl and 138.21ppl respectively, quoted by petrolprices.com.

Motorists hoping to cash in on the deal need to collect up to five 10ppl vouchers when they buy a selection of key essentials, including Heinz baked beans and Andrex toilet roll, from participating stores.

Tesco UK Marketing Director David Wood said: “Most significantly, up to five 10ppl vouchers can be used at the same time at our petrol filling stations. This means Tesco customers who take full advantage of this promotion will save 50p on every litre of fuel they buy on our forecourts and they will enjoy the lowest fuel prices by far anywhere in the UK.”

Offer ends 1 August. Visit www.tesco.com/petrol-promotion for more details.