Tesco slashes 50ppl off fuel prices

24 Jul, 2012 7:10pm Julie Sinclair

Motorists can save up to 50 pence per litre on fuel prices at Tesco using vouchers collected in store

Fancy paying less than 100 pence per litre (ppl) at the pumps? The latest supermarket forecourt deal could let you do just that.

Upping the ante in the fuel prices war, supermarket giant Tesco is now offering up to 50ppl off a single fill-up, to motorists collecting key vouchers in-store.

The deal slashes current forecourt prices to pre-2008 levels, according to Tesco; dropping unleaded to just 83.12pp and diesel to 88.21ppl, based on today’s average UK fuel prices of 133.12ppl and 138.21ppl respectively, quoted by petrolprices.com.

Motorists hoping to cash in on the deal need to collect up to five 10ppl vouchers when they buy a selection of key essentials, including Heinz baked beans and Andrex toilet roll, from participating stores.

Tesco UK Marketing Director David Wood said: “Most significantly, up to five 10ppl vouchers can be used at the same time at our petrol filling stations. This means Tesco customers who take full advantage of this promotion will save 50p on every litre of fuel they buy on our forecourts and they will enjoy the lowest fuel prices by far anywhere in the UK.”

Offer ends 1 August. Visit www.tesco.com/petrol-promotion for more details.

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Knowing Tesco, I doubt very much it will be very simple to achieve the 50p off per litre and they'll only be doing it because they know they can get the money back by customers shopping there and buying the items qualifying for the 'promotion'. Frankly, the headline of this story is more like Tesco propaganda than a journalistic effort by a respected publication. Very misleading and very poor.

In other words a maximum of 50p off per fill up, so a litre for 88.21p is a load of baked beans unless you buy just one litre, in the real wold you'd save under a penny a litre for a fill up, maybe not to be sniffed at but your headline is as disingenuous as their marketing.

fleabane, you've misunderstood - the vouchers are each for 10p per litre and you can use up to 5 in a transaction, so it's not just 50p per fill up. That said, I imagine that you'd have to buy so many Heinz Beans that you'd need a huge quantity of Andrex to cope with the aftermath.

Just read the small print on Tesco website (see the link above), it's a voucher that gives you 10p of each litre (up to 100 litres) in a transaction. So if you use the maximum 5 vouchers that's 50p of per each litre. Good deal as long as you need the qualifying products, which I do. Thanks Auto Express for highlighting this to me.

It seems to me the cheapest way is to buy a Nescafe 300g original - £7 for one 10p voucher or two of the Robinson juices which are 30p more overall. A scurrilous consumer may then take the goods back a day later for a refund. Will Tesco require a return of the voucher since all it requires to be issued is a 'purchase', not an unavoidable one. As for other options, they range from £9 to £14 per 10p voucher requiring a greater spend if you don't need the items (although bog roll standard enough and I use A LOT - the rest not so much). If you don't need the coffee/juices then it takes 70litres to break even (if you spend £35 to get 50ppl off then it's still 70litres). In a V12 S600 in the city you get approx 11MPG...or 2.4 miles/litre so you would require 70litres approximately every 170miles (and for 44MPG 680miles, which is a lot!). However, this is still better than Waitrose's deal with Shell to offer 5 or 10ppl off (I can't remember) with £50 spent.

Keep an eye on the prices of the products you are buying to get the fuel voucher. They are priced much higher than normal during this promotion, and are more than other equivalent products in store. Robinsons orange squash is more expensive than normal, and around £2 more expensive than the equivalent Tesco orange squash. You need a big tank to get back the extra expense of buying the qualifying products.

The 5p for £50 general spend is a better customer deal, as you can buy whatever you like - ie the more cost effective items in store.

The fact remains that these items are not perishable, so if you buy 5 x packs of soap powder you WILL eventually use them, and if you have to fill up with 80 liters (as my car), it will save you £40. Note that the same soap powder is £17 in Asda so Tesco is cheaper

When will people see that Tesco hikes the fuel prices in the first place, then 'offers' these discounts as a bribe to pay their inflated food prices. Why not just reduce the price of the fuel? I hate tesco with a passion, for this reason. They govern fuel price and the others all follow. Bad !

Another complete rubbish promotion from tesco. To accumulate the 50pp discount we need to spend almost £50 in items that I dont think anyone will actually need (not £50 at least).
Per example robinsons juice doesnt cost as much as they advertise. Neither the nescafe Jar, in sainsbury you can find usually between £4 or £5 a jar instead of the £7 advertised in tesco. I have calculated how much i pay for a full tank on my car (honda civic 2006) at current prices and with the tesco discount. The savings if I accumulate the 50pp discount are of £20 in petrol, but if I add up the extra cost of each item on this promotion besides the fact that no one buy £40 of these items usually there is no savings (in my case) or there is a very small saving (in most cases) and most of us would end up with cabinets full of beans, coffee and concentrated juice. Complete rubbish. Unless you have a big van and you like your beans coffee and bog roll this promotion is complete rubbish, i wonder if their petrol prices gone up before the promotion also as I avoid tesco for almost everything.

It would be nicer if auto-express worried more with news, than with advertising rubbish like this.

Are people thick ? This is one amazing offer. People are so negative !!! I bought a load of stuff which we buy in our household anyway which totalled about £34. I reckon if I filled up on vapour I can get 75 litres so that will save me £37.50. So Tesco have given me a load of groceries & paid me £3.50 for the privilege !!! Ok so you have to max out on the fill up but hey ho. Congratulations Tesco... Every little does help.

P.S the goods were as cheap at Tesco or an equivalent to elsewhere

where is your cyclists breaking more rules than motorist gone ms Sinclair ? Editor ? Can't deal with a good argument?