MPs call for road tolls

MPs call for road tolls
5 Oct, 2012 3:03pm Jon Morgan

Politicians are looking for new ways to raise money from motorists, as petrol and diesel sales plummet

The Government is coming under increasing pressure to overhaul Vehicle Excise Duty.

As cars become ever more efficient, the tax taken from fuel duty is plummeting. The latest figures from the Department of Energy and Climate Change show that petrol and diesel sales between April and June were down by nearly half a billion litres compared to the same period last year.

And annual petrol and diesel sales have fallen by around four billion litres from 2007 to 2011 – creating an estimated £2bn black hole in Treasury revenue.

A proposal has been published calling for Vehicle Excise Duty to be replaced with a new car sales tax.

But some Tory and Liberal Democrat MPs believe the solution to the problem is road tolls. Transport Minister Norman Baker has been pushing for road pricing to be included in the Lib Dem manifesto after warning of falling Treasury revenue.

And Andrea Leadsom, Tory MP for South Northamptonshire, has gone on record backing road pricing, saying: “I would certainly support toll roads … Personally I think road pricing is the way forward. I think it is hardly fair that people who only drive around the corner to see their friends pay the same as a travelling salesman.”

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Abolish VED and put it on fuel. That is the ONLY fair system.
My guess is that this will never happen, though, as having a blend of taxes allows government tax
the generally apethetic majority to offset the disproportionately vocal hauliers...

Here we go again - don't they realise how much susceptibility to fraud/spiralling costs/invasion of privacy such proposals would involve? Barmy idea - another poll tax.

This is the fairest option by far. You drive more miles or drive a car with poor MPG you pay more tax. Also there's no way to avoid paying and we'd get additional money in from foreign visitors driving over here.

Here we go again - MPs backing mad proposals that punish the thrifty. The only sensible route is to continue today's system, taxing fuel use, so high-users pay more, low-users pay less. It's automatic, and works without adding yet more expensive layers of technology and bureaucracy.

I Totally agree with David Jefferis & Chris C !


If the government put their time into saving money instead of finding new ways to tax the public, would we all be better off?

Here we go again - let's take the easy option and extract some more cash from motorists - they won't do anything about it.

If the idiots stopped the overseas aid budget and looked after getting the UK on its feet through people just trying to get to work and do business this would be a start. They are totally out of touch with their priorities (as usual)

This is the truth about 'green' taxes. When they work the government just switches the tax take elsewhere. Thinking of buying an electric or hybrid car? Think again - if the tax is on road use rather than fuel you may as well have that V8 you've always craved.

They force us to have crappy little cars, so we do, then they try to screw us more, will they ever stop screwing motorists! My old classic car, that I hardly drive has a road tax of £210 odd, rip off, road tax should be scrapped and put on fuel, more you use the roads the more you pay!

Be careful what you wish for. I think motorists pay quite enough tax already - maybe if we want the economy to grow we need to stop penalising people for moving around.

This is the same Transport Minister Norman Baker that made this comment on 7th September 2012: "I use the train all the time. I use it nearly every day of my life. I don't have a ministerial car, I have a ministerial bike so I bike, walk or use the train everywhere I go'.
Incidentally, he claims expenses for train travel and purchased the bike through expenses !!!
Little surprise he wants to extend the take take take of taxes to every motorist in every way possible.

Replace VED with additional duty on fuel. It's by far and away the fairest solution and there are no additional costs whatsoever involved in collecting it.

I used to worry that I was the only person in the UK who recognised this - the emperor's new clothes and all that - but David Jeffries, Chris C, and others clearly recognise this too. Three cheers for them and common sense!

Hold on - So they're worried that we're not using enough fuel ??!! LooL
But they've been bashing us left, right, centre with green taxes, because we 'drive too much' and produce too much 'CO2'.
What kind of a f***iing governmnt are we being run by?

If they want more fuel sales, then do what any business with half a brain would do - lower the dammn prices... and stop hitting us with ridiculous, unjustified 'green taxes'.
I drive a 3.0 (petrol) honda legend saloon, and im paying the same price (£475 / year) for road tax as a lamborghini or bugatti veyron - im gona sell up v.soon and get myself a small diesel micra, where i'll only pay £60 / year.
** V ** Two-fingers to the govt!!

I hope the fuel sales keep dropping, so that their HYPOCRISY will shine through for all to see.

not good. some of us don't have alternatives, it's not everywhere you can cycle and its not everything that can be safely moved on two wheels - and kids definitely don't belong on two wheels, with the dangers all over the place, hence 4 wheel is the only safe viable option for many people.... and public transport is just getting more and more expensive to the point that very soon it'll be much cheaper for everyone to buy a car.

Road tolls are coming anyway, there should be 4 Galileo satelites in orbit over Europe by next year, and contracts have been signed for the bulk of the remainder. It will probably be up and running before 2020.

Doesn't help with congestion, so road pricing is inevitable. The government will probably just give you the option to continue paying a higher fuel duty (as you suggest), or moving to road pricing which will work out cheaper for many people. Most people will move to road pricing to save money.

Road pricing will inevitably include a your vehicle type in the mix. Gas guzzlers will pay through the nose for a 200 mile trip, whereas a fuel efficiant vehicle will pay very little for the same trip.

Little real issue with privacy for road charging in my view. If you have a mobile phone you are tracked today, and the rise of location based smart phone apps shows how unconcerned the younger generations are about privacy.

A combination of Satnav and fixed and mobile enforcement should deal with fraud effectively.

I have a great deal of sympathy for that view, distributing traffic away from congestion, both spatially or temporally with road pricing must be revenue neutral. Reducing congestion should have a positive impact on the economy too.

Road tolls are another way of wasting money they will not work and costing the average working people more money plus they are not cheaper than higher fuel taxes! Stop them now..before its too late!