MPs attack Government road safety response

30 Oct, 2012 1:04pm Chris Ebbs

MPs accuse the Government of not doing enough to improve road safety

The Government’s stance and response to road safety issues has been slammed by the Transport Select Committee.

In its latest report, Chair of the Committee, Louise Ellman, criticised the Government for not doing enough to improve road safety and that the Department for Transport (DFfT) had “wasted an opportunity to demonstrate focus and leadership on road safety”.

She said: “Generalised talk about everyone playing their part to bring road casualties down should not be allowed to hide central government's responsibilities to keep local authorities, the police, other agencies and the public fully focused on delivering significant and sustained improvements in road safety.

The report also questioned the Government’s response to the growing numbers of casualties amongst young drivers: “I am particularly disappointed that the Government hasn’t accepted the committee’s recommendation to initiate an independent review of driver training.”.

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what a load of rubbish, if they would get out of the chauffeur driven cars and drive on a normal road they would be able to see the best way to improve road safety is to fix the roads. Pot hole 6 inches deep are dangerous, blocked drains are dangerous...not hard to see and fix

Funny how Louise Ellman (Labour MP) is attacking the current Government, I can remember what Labours contribution to road safety was after 13 years in power, pot and kettle spring to mind