January fuel duty rise to go ahead

Fuel duty rise to go ahead
13 Nov, 2012 4:27pm Chris Ebbs

MPs have lost a vote to delay a three-pence-per-litre hike in fuel duty

An attempt by Labour MPs to delay the planned three-pence-per-litre (ppl) fuel duty increase in January has failed. Labour had hoped to delay the increase until April 2013, but was defeated in the Commons by 282 votes to 234.

The party said that “it would be wrong” for the increase to take effect sooner, arguing that it would stretch already hard-pressed families.

However, the Treasury said that the current price of fuel was “now 10-pence-per-litre lower than under the previous Government’s plans.”

A number of Conservative MPs were also fighting against the increase, but refused to vote with Labour until the Chancellor George Osborne makes his autumn statement.

Conservative MP Robert Halfon, a prominent campaigner on fuel duty, said: “I believe it is perfectly sensible and right to wait for the autumn statement, given the government's record, given that they cut fuel duty last year and given that they have stopped two fuel duty rises.”

The increase was originally scheduled for August but the Chancellor announced in June that it would be postponed until January 2013.

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Increase in fuel prices = Triple dip recession

Just as prices were coming down as well.

It's fine, the government won't make the extra money they're hoping for. When it drives yet MORE people off the road and petrol sales become even lower they'll find they're making less money off motorists.. .Oh and when other things go up in the shops to compensate for higher logistic costs they'll people aren't spending as much and they make less in VAT.

Good move :)

I don't think it will happen, I just don't think the Cons wanted to give Labour the credit for postponing the rise.

I think the chancellor will postpone the rise in the Autumn statement, and would have done even without this vote.

Somehow I think the government is trying to break the economy even more. This is purely a way to keep this country in recession and not help it grow. What ever person or team has through about this is obviously hoping for a wage increase! Disgusting!!!

I want to see a justification for 60% tax.

The labour MP's are so two faced voting against this rise as it were they who voted for this stupid fuel accumulator in the first place.
Osborne should do the decent thing and cancel it altogether instead of using it as a cheap shot at the idiots every time it's due to happen.

Another "ill thought out" move by this "out of touch government", this will NOT bring in more moneys but LESS!!, wake up to realities , more sales at lower prices means more revenue in.
Get this lot out quick.

This government is nothing but stupid, keep milking the motorist is every way, but never do proper maths before making decisions. The public transport is already crap compare to Europe, car is the most essential way in traveling. Increasing fuel duty means lesser outings, spending and even encourage lower income to go out of job because the proportion to pay for petrol to wage is so high, hence more people seek benefit. Well done retard government!

Please join me in starting a public campaign to boycott the fuel duty hike . Plz contribute any ideas you may have to encourage ppl to join this campaign and the one below.
Join any Facebook campaigns and Twitter against the fuel hike .
Also plz give time and effort to join a consumer revolt, as suggested in yesterday's Evening Standard, to boycott companies like Starbucks, Apple, FAcebook, Amazon etc, who don't pay the correct amount of Tax.

We want all MPs and ministers who voted for this fuel hike sacked and charged with treason. As will all uninformed ministers be , who gave away our unique British designed and built Harrier Vertical take off jets to the US.
It is time to get rid of the two party monopoly of incompetence with disfunctional govt departments messing up everything they touch !
Tom J

What a surprise. More tax so less money to spend, therefore economy stagnates. All our politicians are so out of touch with reality and lacking in common sense. No matter what party we vote for, we still get fleeced. If the cost of living goes up much more, I may as well give up going to work and go on the scrounge. At least that way i will no longer have to pay ridiculous commuter charges.

Let's hope no-one ever finds themselves drowning and depending on George Osborne to rescue them - his idea of helping will be to attach lead weights to your feet, while telling you they're actually 10% lighter than they'd have been under the previous government....

I agree with most comments here. Even a school kid would realise that if you drop the price of something you sell more of it. It's so simple even governments should get it. So why don't they? Because they and all the other governments around the world want the current currency system to collapse so they can bring in the World Dollar, a monetary system the same the world over. Create a problem that already has a solution then make out you just might have a solution and that it's a great idea. They're like magicians, distracting the public so they can do us all in.

first you ask us to join a facebook campaign then you ask us to boycott facebook!!!!!!!!! make up your mind.

first you ask us to join a facebook campaign then you ask us to boycott facebook!!!!!! make up your mind.