Which motoring issue would YOU sort out first?

20 Dec, 2012 3:50pm

Tell us which motoring issue we should tackle first in 2013 by voting here

It’s been a tough few years for Britain’s drivers. The cost of motoring has soared with fuel prices, car insurance and road tax all increasing by hefty amounts. To add to that, parking and speed enforcement are now so widespread – and so unrelentingly strict – that fines have almost become a tax, too. Who hasn’t been caught out by an overzealous warden after parking in a bay for just a few minutes too many? Or picked up a speeding fine for straying just a few mph over the limit?

You’d think that with the vast sums of money that motorists contribute to the Treasury that the Government would be keen to keep us on side. And yet somehow, that’s just not the case. You don’t have to spend long on the nation’s roads to see that they’re in a shocking state of disrepair, and that nowhere near enough money is spent on their upkeep.

It’s also glaringly obvious that there aren’t enough coppers on our highways. It’s all too common to see illegal behaviour – like using a mobile phone at the wheel – pass without consequence. And it seems as though a range of bad habits – like middle lane hogging on motorways – have just been accepted as standard driving technique.

Obviously things need to change. There has to be a fair deal for motorists. And we want to know which issue you think needs to be tackled first. We'll then start lobbying on your behalf.

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The shortlist

Fuel prices – they’re too high, the Government should prioritise freezing duty until the end of this Parliament.

Potholes – our roads are in a state, job one is to increase investment in repair and maintenance.

Speed cameras – should not be used as a means of generating revenue, but to cut casualty rates on high-risk roads.

Car insurance – prices are unreasonable. Immediate action should be taken to make premiums more affordable.

Parking – enforcement is out of control, limits should be imposed on how much councils can fine drivers.

Road tax – keeps going up and CO2 bands keep changing. We need more transparency.

Speed limits – are out of date and unrealistic. Motorway limits should be revised.

Road safety – fatalities are increasing. The Government needs to reintroduce targets and increase safety budgets.

Driving with a mobile phone – a rapidly growing problem. We need an ad campaign to change attitudes.

Motorway driving – standards are poor. There should be more education about correct usage of lanes.