UK hydrogen car plans revealed

UK Hydrogen car plans revealed
4 Feb, 2013 4:44pm Chris Ebbs

The Government has claimed that the first hydrogen fuel cell cars could be on the road by 2015, with 1.5million by 2030

The first hydrogen fuel cell cars could be on UK roads as early as 2015, according to a joint Government-industry study.

Presented by the UKH2Mobility - which is made up of Government departments, car manufacturers, hydrogen providers and technology providers - the research claims that there could be 1.5million hydrogen vehicles on the road by 2030.

However, the migration to hydrogen fuel cell models faces similar stumbling blocks to that of electric cars. Price premium, demand and infrastructure were three particular areas that the research focused on.

With prices expected to be significantly higher than equivalent petrol or diesel models, they will qualify for the £5,000 grant currently available from the Government towards electric cars. However, there is still no guarantee that funds for this will continue after the current Parliament.

In terms of the infrastructure, the Government is hoping to have 65 stations capable of refuelling the cars by 2015, followed by 330 in 2025 and finally a total of 1,150 in 2030.

All this is likely to cost a total of £400m to get to the point projected for 2030, though the research claims that £60m is likely to be the initial cost before 2020. However, there was no talk as to where this funding would come from.

Despite an increasing focus on hydrogen vehicles, electric cars won’t be abandoned. The group claimed that electric cars, plug-in hybrids and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles will be able to co-exist and chosen depending on the buyer’s circumstances.