Car thief caught by iPhone app

Apple iPhone
16 Apr, 2013 11:46am Jamie Fretwell

Police used Find My iPhone app to track burglar who stole an Audi A6

A car thief has been jailed after the couple he burgled used an iPhone app to track him.

Stephen Lashley broke into a house in Ormskirk, Lancashire, and stole the keys to an Audi A6, as well as a laptop and an Apple iPhone. However, the couple heard him making off with their items, and called the police as he drove off. 

The police asked the couple if their stolen iPhone had the Find My iPhone app installed. As it did, they logged on to a computer and used the service to tell the police the exact location of the thief. A helicopter was dispatched and directed patrol cars to Lashley, who ditched the car and escaped on foot.

He was subsequently arrested and jailed for three years and 10 months.

The couple, who wish to remain anonymous, said: “It was so frustrating for us – he was targeting homes with nice cars and we’d only just upgraded from an old Mondeo to celebrate getting a new job. We were just so pleased we had the tracking app. It really did help to catch him." 

The couple are encouraging all motorists to install the app, should their car be stolen. Find my iPhone is free to download from the Apple iTunes store.