Ford offers free training to new young drivers

Ford offers free extra training to new young drivers
25 Jun, 2013 6:41pm Claire Holden

Young motorists are to be offered extra training to improve their driving

Ford is offering young motorists free extra training after they’ve passed their test to improve their driving skills.

The Driving Skills for Life (DSFL) programme trains drivers aged 18-24 to cope with situations that often lead to accidents due to their lack of experience.

The scheme is run by the Ford Fund, a division of Ford, in partnership with the AA and the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA), and has already been highly successful in the US for 10 years.

The training, a one-day course run by the AA, will teach the students extra skills and tips, both on the road and in the classroom. It will focus on four key areas; hazard recognition, vehicle handling, speed and space management, and distractions.

Tasks will include experiencing driving while distracted, such as dialing a mobile phone or changing a CD, and learning how being under the influence of drugs or alcohol can affect driving.

The course will also train young drivers in practical skills, such as what happens if the car in front suddenly stops, learning different emergency braking techniques, and how to recognize and prevent a skid.

Ford's UK managing director, Mark Ovenden, explained that Ford hopes the course could halve the number of young driver road deaths across Europe by 2020. He said. "With Ford Driving Skills for Life we hope to inspire a generation of safer, more responsible and better skilled young motorists.” The programme will be rolled out across France, Germany, Spain and italy as part of a £1.2 million investment.

And Kevin Clinton, head of road safety at RoSPA, said: “Education is a fundamental pillar in recognising risk and ultimately reducing the number of young people killed or seriously injured on our roads.”