Drivers urged to install dash cams in bad driving crackdown

Drivers urged to install dash cams in bad driving crackdown
6 Jan, 2014 4:34pm Henry Willis

Police are urging motorists to invest in dash cam hardware in order to capture worst driving

Drivers are being urged by police to install a dash camera in their cars in an effort to stem bad behaviour on the road and capture the worst of it on video.

The police warning comes amid a call to shame the most of reckless drivers, which can be recorded with the help of the motoring public who in turn can benefit from installing a device.

Placing a dash cam in your car – often on the dash or around the windscreen – can reduce your insurance premium and leaves you with evidence that can be relied upon in court should you be involved in an accident.

Dash cam test 2014

The popularity of the recording devices is widely on the increase as motorists aim to put a halt to bad driving while also covering their backs against a developing trend of scamming members of the public through crashing – otherwise known as ‘crash for cash’.

The devices can be bought for as little as £80, enabling drivers to capture footage of the most reckless driving, which can be sent to police to help catch the worst drivers, also protecting yourself against potential ‘crash for cash’ scams.

In November 2013 we put two dash cams up against each other in a product mini-test. The NextBase InCarCam 402G Professional came up trumps, impressing enough to gain five stars out of five. The 2.7-inch widescreen and slick feel gave the unit, which can be bought at for £199.99, a long-lasting impression.

Coming second in the same test was the Mio MiVue 388, which despite its second place still gained four stars out of five. Though smaller than the NextBase, the Mio still functioned as a dash cam and as a bonus, came with European speed camera alerts and an 8GB micro SD card. This can be bought at for the same price.

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as it is illegal to have things stuck on your windscreen, and to push the buttons etc, I will be very interested in the legal cases?!!?

The police should visit the various classic cars spotted, Auto$hi7e and other such like pages on facebook and see the amount of idiots using mobile phones to take pictures of rare or unusual cars as they drive along, usually in the 3rd lane of a motorway. Just get the names and nip round with a nice fine, idiots taking pics at the wheel could kill someone one day.

Saying it is illegal to have things stuck to your windscreen is not the whole truth it depends on positioning of said item on the swept area. This is therefore down to being well setup and positioned by the owner. Mine is in front as it were of the mirror.

There is no need to quote "push buttons" as they record on a loop and are constantly recording 24/7 depending on setup, potentially even when the vehicle is parked. Essentially the driver does not interact with the operation what so ever during driving. Additionally many also save "event" or accident footage so it cannot be overwritten.

Furthermore I believe if well positioned like my own then the small amount of time setting up it should something happen or as it has already proven other idiots on the road who then go on to loose their jobs through their own actions is exactly that - a worth while investment.

I accept you may have yours set up correctly, but you only have to look at the picture above, to see that many won't be. Don't have any issue with the concept of catching idiots and fair play, but pretty sure the loophole guys will have a field day.

Loophole guys? Not really two wrongs don't make a right. You would still see one prosecuted for one offence or one for another.

In relation to civil claims again won't change the fact if someone did something dangerous and failed to be a reasonably competent driver.

Additionally there is no proof with your statement about them not being setup properly that is merely an inference from a picture. Many of the set up's I have seen on forums have been very good.

End of the day like it or not it is the driver responsibility to ensure the car is safe (in all regards) and they drive safely.

The same statement from you if that were an image of an illegal tyre could be said about drivers who drive with illegal or dangerous tyres. How many do that blah blah.

Fact is however that is their own decision, something that cannot be implied or evidenced properly by a mere article online or publication (written or image based).

It's about time insurance companies gave significant discounts for camera users,

Yeah way to go - lets all do the police job for them while they hide behind bushes with faulty speed guns trying to make our lives a misery !! Big brother is well and truly on the way!

Dash cams are ILLEGAL in Spain, Belgium,Germany, Austria,Luxembourg and Portugal. The fine in Austria is 10,000 for a first offence.......AUTOEXPRESS you need to tell readers about this !!!!