Hybrid car servicing on the up

Nissan Leaf in the garage
Credits: Pete Gibson
3 Apr, 2014 11:00am Jake-Aman Shah

An increasing number of independent garages are now able to service hybrid cars like the Honda Insight and Toyota Prius

More than 1,000 garages across the UK have received hybrid awareness courses from the Independent Garage Association. Most of the servicing is routine, but mechanics need training in how to cope with high voltage and safety systems before being allowed to work on hybrids.

The course is backed by the Institute of the Motor Industry and provides workers with a qualification to deal with the eco models. Therefore drivers can be safe in the knowledge that their car will be serviced to the same standards as a main dealer.

The British hybrid car market is the fourth largest worldwide, trailing Japan, the US and France. Ownership of hybrids has almost doubled in the past three years, with over 25,000 currently on British roads.

This comes as good news for hybrid owners and independent garages after new research from Independent Garage Association, Trust My Garage, claimed that seven out of 10 drivers choose independent garages over main dealers for their new car service.

Contrary to widely held beliefs, there is no legal obligation to service your vehicle at a main dealer, with new European laws allowing servicing at an independent garage without the warranty being invalidated.

Terry Gibson, from Trust My Garage, said: “Many motorists believe their hybrid can only be serviced by a main dealer, but this isn’t the case.”

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