Best UK service stations revealed

Tebay motorway service station
20 Jun, 2014 12:03pm Joe Finnerty

Tebay on the M6 voted best motorway service station in the UK, with Extra the best brand

Research into the best UK motorway service stations has revealed family-run Tebay on the M6 to be the best.

The stop-off in Cumbria topped the standings and was the only location to achieve maximum five-star ratings, according to Which?.

Tebay, which is run by Westmorland, topped the league table of 26 locations most visited services with Charnock Richard Services, owned by Welcome Break, bottom. Charnock Richard, also on the M6 but further south in Chorley was in fact the first service station to open on the M6.

Tebay scored 90 per cent overall, well ahead of second placed Wetherby on the A1(M) with 69 per cent. The newly-opened Cobham station on the M25 scored 67 per cent, ahead of Peterborough's A1(M) stopover (61 per cent) and the M42's Hopwood Park (59 per cent).

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Service stations were rated in three categories - toilet cleanliness, food quality and customer score. Tebay received five stars for both toilet cleanliness and food quality with customers delighted by the fact it sells home-grown and local produce. Tebay also leases space to food and drink retailers who are free to set their own prices to increase competition.

It's a far cry from the average service stations which sell food, drink and fuel at highly inflated prices. Auto Express research in 2012 compared some of the prices at the Cobham station compared to a shop in the local village.

Extra - which operates Cobham - actually topped the UK list of service station brands ahead of Moto, Roadchef and Welcome Break, with a customer score of 60 per cent and was the only company to receive four stars for toilet cleanliness.

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No argument there. On my frequent trips up the M6 from the Midlands to Scotland I try to plan my journey around stopping at Tebay. For one thing, it's not a slave to Fast Food outlets...yet... The whole atmosphere is of somewhere to rest and have a mooch about.

Every other services just seem to want to empty your wallet on junk and chuck you out ASAP for the next willing punter.

Only been once, but it was really nice and leagues above the rest of them.

Friendly staff, clean & not overpriced. Above all brilliant food and clean toilets too.

Which service station finished bottom? The worst one I've been to is Southwaite on the M6. Toilets are never clean and most of the sinks are out of order.

Tebay has always been one of my favourite stops... it's miles ahead of anything elsewhere on the motorway network. It's clean, has stunning views, and food which is actually tasty unlike the larger chains which chuck dreadful "food" at you before hitting you with a bill large enough you need to apply for a loan to pay for it!!

Well done Tebay!