Britain's busiest speed camera made £189,000 in 2013

Increased speed limits helps to cut accidents
7 Jul, 2014 1:00pm Joe Finnerty

Camera on M60 most profitable as speeding offences rise three per cent from 2012

Speeding motorists on UK roads were fined more than £22 million in 2013 with one camera in Greater Manchester recorded as the most profitable.

In total, police forces issued 400,000 fixed penalty notices for speeding in 2013 along with 73,944 court summons, according to data obtained by LV= car insurance. The figures are up three per cent on 2012.

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Britain’s busiest speed camera was at Junction 25 of the M60 which clocked 9,326 motorists last year, generating £189,140.

Other top cameras included one on the westbound stretch of the A13 Thames Gateway to Scratton Terrace and one on the M54 between junction one and three in Staffordshire.

More than half of the drivers who were caught speeding said they were spotted by one of Britain's estimated 3,353 fixed speed cameras (58 per cent), with almost one in three caught by police with a camera at the roadside. Police without a camera caught just 12 per cent.

One speed camera every 67 miles in the UK

LV= car insurance estimates that there’s a fixed or mobile speed camera in operation for every 67 miles of British road.

Over the past five years, one in seven drivers have been caught speeding and 22 per cent of these have been caught more than once.

One reason for the rise in speeding offences could be down to ever-changing speed limits on roads with 88 per cent of UK councils amending speed restrictions in their area.

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John O'Roarke, managing director of LV= car insurance said: “It can be easy for motorists to become complacent when they get behind the wheel, especially when they drive on the same roads day in and day out.

“However, it's important that drivers always concentrate on the road so they can spot any new road signs, changes in speed limits, and are aware of what other motorists are doing.”

In 2014, research shows that the fastest speed clocked so far is 146mph on the M25 in Swanley by Kent Police. Second is a 130mph driver caught by Warwickshire Police on the M6 Toll.

Number of speed offences detected by busiest speed cameras in 2013

Police Force / Council Speed offences from cameras (2013) Camera location  Estimated money generated
Greater Manchester Police 9,326 M60, junction 25 £189,140.00
MET Police 8,002 A13 Thames Gateway/Kent Avenue to 
A13 Scrattons Terrace (IG11 Westbound)
Staffordshire County Council 7,403 M54 between J1 and J3 unable to estimate
Thames Valley Police 7,138 A34 Wytham £126,640.00
Bedfordshire Police 7,079 Milton Ernest £167,600.00
Warwickshire Police 6,414 A435 Studley Road Alcester North West unable to provide
Nottinghamshire Police 4,815 A52, Clifton Boulevard unable to provide
Surrey Police 4, 530 M25, Godstone to Oxted £126,260.00
Police Scotland 4,396 Exempt from disclosure unable to provide
Merseyside Police 3,735 Scotland Road, A59 (southbound), Liverpool unable to provide

(Source: Police Forces and councils)

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Speed cameras. Sigh. A tax on the unwitting. They are easy to avoid, and they catch people who are otherwise driving safely but stray briefly over at the wrong moment.

Meanwhile, the simplistic automated policing means less human police one the road, and the good old speed camera waves the drunks, the aggressive road-ragers and mobile phone users past with a happy smile. And they can only detect speeding over the limit,

Put the cameras in the cars. Fit sealed data transponders.

Speed cameras identify a very VERY narrow field of offense. Get rid of them, and find a way of monitoring all aspects of bad driving. Then we will see the real improvement in safey.

Instead we have people lapping up these useless machines and road safety groups with their idiotic policies taking credit for reduced injuries and fatalities. That credit belongs to the engineers who are building the better vehicles.

No! Not more cameras! More police on the road is the only effective option. They can put things in context and use discretion. CCTV cars have proved controversial because they book law abiding people committing minor offences that cause no harm to anybody.

E.g. is parking on double yellows while nipping to a cash machine when there is no traffic much of a crime? A police officer would be able to use their discretion at this point while rightfully booking those who cause disruptions in rush hour traffic.

What really peeves me about speed cameras is the fact that a lot of them are just installed to make cash for the authorities.

They're installed so to punish everyone & their very installation actually says "Because of one or two maniacs & idiots we are going to treat all of you like children and all of you are going to be treated as such" Why should we put up with the self righteous & I never do anything wrong brigade dictating to those who use the roads in a safe and sensible manner.

They say that they will allow a 10% differential for speedo calibrations, really? I would suggest that a lot of motorists who have used the so called "New & Improved" Smart Motorway section of the M25 in Surrey, keep a very close eye on their mailboxes for envelopes, because the HA have installed new HADECS cameras and they've been flashing away like crazy even though NO lower speed restrictions have been displayed.

When I'm driving, I keep my eye on the road, not on the speedo all of the time, I may inadvertently stray over the limit by between 2 & 5 mph, it's not the end of the world, but they (safety lobby) treat it as an utterly heinous crime.

so if these spots are so dangerous they have to raise up to a third of a million quid with cameras - why don't they spend that amount on road safety at that site then?
do 35 mph in a 30 limit and get fined up to £1000 - have an (non-injury) accident and the law does ... erm nothing ... in spite of the fact the driver at fault has likely committed an offence of careless driving by not making correct observation.
do 40mph in a 40 limit legally but idiotically when there's kids playing or otherwise unsafe to do so and the law does ...nothing.
Only ~5% of accidents are *caused* by excess speed - governments own figures
Throw (most) of the cameras in the bin and bring back the traffic police to go after bad driving, Force bad drivers and all those found to be at fault for accidents to take retests.
Watch safety figures improve.
(btw the more people die unnecessarily at the hands of the NHS every year than are killed on the roads - governments own figures).
Priorities not politics please.

The cameras on variable speed sections of motorways are set at the 70mph + 10% + 2mph when no lower limit is set, so they are always detecting. People who think they are switched off when no speed limit is displayed are fools.

That's where you're wrong, the one's on the M25 between J5-7 the so called smart motorway (oxymoron if ever I saw/heard one), have been flashing at just over 70 mph, with the advisory signs OFF!

It's been noted on several motoring fora & speed camera fora too.

So either there's something fundamentally wrong with the camera settings or they've been deliberately set low to catch the unwary & unsuspecting. After all they have to recoup the £129m its cost them somehow.