Lane closures on major motorways every day in 2013

7 Aug, 2014 12:01am Joe Finnerty

Majority of the most important UK motorways didn't run at full capacity for a single day last year

The majority of UK’s major motorways didn’t run with all lanes open for a single day in 2013, according to figures released by 

The three most vital routes - the M6, M25 and M1 - had at least one lane closed for maintenance during every single day last year, as did the M4, M5, M60 and M54. 

A Freedom of Information request by the insurer to the Highways Agency found that all UK motorways had lanes closed for maintenance an average of 247 days a year. 

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More than a third of all the UK’s M-roads had lane closures lasting for at least six months. A quarter of motorways were only open for 25 days or less. 

And believes this trend will continue through 2014 due to the Government’s £317 million “pinch point” programme. It says fewer than a quarter of the 123 traffic busting projects have been completed so far.

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Roman Bryl, product manager at, said: “Some of our busiest road networks are never fully operational, and lane closures and diversions are a source of real frustration to drivers.

“Obviously it is important that motorways are kept in a good state of repair, but maintenance works can be very disruptive and stressful. 

“Drivers should bear in mind that motorways may not actually be the quickest route for their journey, and plan ahead in order to avoid potential delays.”