Qoros GQ3 revealed

2 Jan, 2013 11:49am Luke Madden

The Skoda Octavia-rivalling Qoros GQ3 has been revealed ahead of its Geneva show debut

The Qoros GQ3 has been revealed ahead of its world debut at the Geneva Motor Show in March. Qoros is a new Chinese carmaker, and the GQ3 is a C-segment saloon that’s set to rival the Skoda Octavia.

The GQ3 is the first car in a family of models set to be released by the Chinese manufacturer in the latter part of 2013 and beyond. Like Skoda, the Chinese firm is planning to release a new model every six months as it bids to expand rapidly. The Qoros models will be sold in Europe but UK sales aren’t currently on the cards.

Former General Manager of MINI design, Gert Hildebrand, is responsible for the GQ3’s styling, helped by design teams in Shanghai and Munich.

The GQ3’s front end, including the wide headlights and grille, form an identity for the brand that will go on to inspire the rest of the Qoros family. Inside, Qoros claims that the GQ3 “will offer generous interior space”, with quality standards “comparable with the best-selling cars in Europe.”

The GQ3 will feature plenty of technology, too, including an eight-inch central touchscreen which will be be fitted as standard and used to control the car’s stereo and sat-nav functions. The infotainment system will also be connected to the internet, allowing drivers to share their position on various social media platforms.

Qoros was established in 2007, and is a joint venture between Chery Automobile – the firm which also has a joint venture agreement with Jaguar Land Rover to build cars in China – and Israeli holding company Israel Corporation.

The Qoros models will be built at a new factory, currently under construction in China. The plant will have an initial capacity of 150,000, but this can be expanded to 450,000 given sufficient demand.

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Welcome to the jungle!

Chinese firms are preparing another invasion of the European car market. Great Wall. Now this Qoros. Last time they couldn't get over the steep hurdle of European safety standards. How would they fare this time around? I'm sure they learnt their lesson and this time they're coming well prepared

Looks bad and the interior copies from various other vehicles. And this brand even sued kia for the name of their limousine quoris. Nobody would even mistake a kia (who has given jobs to european workers with their factory and excellent up to date to class leading products with, cough 7 year in your face warranty) with anything this bad. I am hilarious!(says leaving a huge fart on the qoros concept).

Great styling! A fusion of BMW and Kia to me seems to work perfectly. Although, had it not stated this was a Chinese effort, I'd have said this was a new 'affordable' car for the U.S. So long as the build quality and engines are to match this will be a winner!

Definite shades of Passat/Rapide with more shades of VW inside. I quite like it though. Gawd help our manufacturing bases if this thing drives well!

Skoda rival ? I think not (What dim-wit actually said that)
The new MG made out of bits from all over was supposed to rival Skoda also, where is that now?
On what will this Chinese car actually rival Skoda on ? Skoda cars are built to VW standards, and I don't think that a Qoros will even rival Kia/Hyundai which sell mainly due to the "We look after you for 6 yrs package" Korean cars have been on the market a long time now, and even their dealers don't want them back as they offer very low trade deals for a used Korean cars.
An untried Chinese Qoros car might sell if they offer a better deal and under cut Kia, but a Skoda rival, never in this world.

The British are such snobs when it comes to cars. Even this article is biased in hinting that the car is much like the Chinese cars of old in their lack of safety or uniqueness. Shame.

Certainly looks more interesting than a Skoda.

Seems a good copy or facelift of a new Peter Schreyer Design KIA and not particularly otherwise original!

I would stick to the experience and 7 year warranty of KIA however!

Hildebrand never did anything sensatiional designwise at or with the new BMW Mini Range when he was manager there or have I missed something?

Maybe now he has gone things could get better at Mini Designs?

Are you blind or just a bigot?

This is more a Proton rival! I totally agree, it's hideous.Looks like a ten year old laguna at the front. Skoda Octavia rival - who are they kidding! Octavia has great road presence with the new model, this just sounds like a cheap aftershave. Will appeal to the 75 year olds.