Caterham 620S gets heater, windscreen & other luxurious features

11 Jan, 2016 10:30am Sam Naylor

Caterham's fastest car gets new 620S version with a few more creature comforts

Caterham has added some new options for buyers of the Extreme 620 model, with a new road-focused version available as well as a wider version for larger drivers.

The new Caterham 620S costs from £44,995 (factory built) and gets the same 310bhp 2.0-litre supercharged engine as the incredible 620R, but features a five-speed manual gearbox instead of the sequential gearbox in the R.

Just like other models in Caterham's road-biased 'S' range, the 620S is made more comfortable with the addition of a few luxuries, like a heater, a full windscreen, a hood & side screens and even leather seats. Heated seats are available as an option on both versions, too.

The 620S gets 15-inch alloy wheels as well, which are bigger than the 620R's 13-inch rims. The suspension has been tweaked too to make it more suited to public roads, but the 620R's brakes and limited-slip differential are still present.

The 620 range is now also available with the wider S5 chassis - this gives larger drivers more room in the cabin, as well as extra luggage space. The fuel tank is bigger too, so the car's range is improved.

Which would you buy - the 620S or the track-focused 620R? Let us know below...