Renault Twingo vs Citroen C2 vs Toyota Yaris - specifications

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10 Oct, 2007

Citroen C2

Citroen C2

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27 Mar, 2007

Citroen C2
In-depth reviews

Citroen C2 Hatchback review (2003-2009)

The C2 looks great and the cabin is smart - and it's hard to beat for value - but many versions lack straight-line speed

Side view of Citroen C2 Stop & Start
Road tests

Citroen C2

19 Apr, 2006

With an engine that stops running when it comes to a halt, will the new Citroen C2 be a trend starter or stopper?

Top view of Citroen C2 VTS
Long-term tests

Citroen C2

14 Nov, 2005

After walking through the arrivals lounge at the end of a long flight, all you want is something quiet and relaxing to get you home. Similarly, when your alarm goes off at an ungodly hour, you appreciate a cosseting ride.

Citroen C2 VTS boot
Long-term tests

Citroen C2

16 Aug, 2005

After weeks of trying, I've finally figured out where the Citroen C2 VTS is most at home. Despite its city car credentials, it's really a B-road specialist.