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Dacia Sandero - front tracking

Cheap cars 2016: the cheapest new cars on sale now

24 Nov, 2015

We explore world of the very cheap car, identifying the cheapest new cars on sale and revealing wether or not they’re worth buying

Lamborghini Urus profile

Hot new 4x4 cars coming soon

23 Nov, 2015

SUV buyers have never had it so good – and yet more 4x4s are on the way. Here are the 10 hottest new SUVs coming in 2016, 2017 and beyond

Would you pass your driving test now?

Would you pass your driving test now?

13 Nov, 2015

To celebrate the UK driving test’s 80th birthday, we asked 12 experienced motorists to retake their tests. Did they pass or fail?


Top 10 best movie cars of all time

10 Nov, 2015

We asked readers to vote on their favourite movie cars of all time and these are the results...


Which is the best premium car brand?

5 Nov, 2015

'Premium' has become a holy grail for car manufacturers - some have it and some don't. Which ones do you think deserve the title?

Rover gates protest

After MG Rover: the Longbridge legacy

3 Nov, 2015

A decade ago, MG Rover shut its factory doors for good. We go back to the community it left behind and see how it survived

Scary cars

The scariest cars we've ever driven

31 Oct, 2015

The Auto Express team relive the scary cars they've had the misfortune to encounter in our Halloween special

Mazda RX-Vision concept - Graham Hope

Best cars of the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show

29 Oct, 2015

The Tokyo Motor Show threw-up some great cars in 2015 and these are the best of them according to the Auto Express team

Daihatsu Noriori

The crazy cars of the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show

29 Oct, 2015

Tokyo Motor Show is known for chucking car design handbook out the window so, for strange automotive creations, it's the place to be...

Peugeot 208 - front action

Most economical cars

27 Oct, 2015

Here are the UK's most economical cars that are available to buy new