New Ferrari Enzo replacement for Geneva

28 Feb, 2013 5:03pm Luke Madden

Ferrari F150 hypercar to debut at the Geneva Motor Show next week

Ferrari has released a final teaser before it unveils its McLaren P1-rivalling Enzo-successor at the Geneva Motor Show next week.

There’s no other information given but previous teasers have revealed its double-bubble roof, 458 Italia-inspired taillights and huge rear diffuser. There’s a low, wide front-end, too, featuring a gaping grille.

Ferrari has previously revealed the bare carbon fibre chassis that the newcomer will use, and it’s expected to be powered by a 7.3-litre V12 engine coupled to an electric motor. We’re expecting a power output to rival the 903bhp McLaren P1.

Expect to see acceleration from 0-62mph in less than three seconds and a top speed of more than 220mph.

The latest rumours suggest a price-tag of around £1,000,000. 

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Doesnt Ford own the F150 name?

I hope that's not the final name for this car! Hillbillys will be laughing!

7.3 litres vs 3.8.... This is my main issue with the P1: They skimped on the petrol component of the powerplant by using a modified a 12C engine, and as a result it only has 727bhp and naff all torque. I expect the Ferrari to have over 800bhp from its petrol unit and close to 1000bhp overall.

If you ask yourself which out of a 7.3 litre V12 or a 3.8 litre V8 sounds like it belongs in the 'ultimate car' it's pretty obvious what the answer is.

And before anybody says that Mclaren are geniuses and therefore they can make it just as good in other ways, reflect on the fact that Ferrari are no slouches either.

7.3 litres vs 3.8 with 2 turbos minus the weight. I don't think the winner is that obvious and if it really does have 7.3 litres that will give about 590 lb ft torque, at 6000ish rpm. Not that far ahead of the Mac's 530 which being a turbo will have a wider torque curve. The Ferrari's eMotor is unlikely to be too big hanging off the back of the gearbox because of weight distribution so could well be less powerful than the P1. Reckon on 850 bhp from the petrol motor, 950+ all in, but at least 1550kgs. The quickest? No idea, but the Fezza will have the higher top speed.

hillbillys like you who know such where did i put my soul

I'd be surprised if the Ferrari is over 1.5 tonnes. I'm going to have a guess (just for the fun of it) and say 830bhp petrol; 130bhp electric; 1490kg.

My complaint with the Macca is that the engine doesn't seem very aspirational if you'll forgive the pun (something about it is putting me in mind of a Vauxhall Astra VXR). It seems as though they decided the power figure they needed - just enough over 900 to make it look like it wasn't 900 - and when the engine was only good enough for 727 they decided to make up the rest with an enormous KERS motor (bigger even than next year's super-KERS). But that's kind of cheating as for most of the time you'll just be stuck with the 727.

Why does a twin turbo v8 remind u of a VXR and not an F40? Anyway it looks like we were both wrong on the weight, although how they've made a bigger wider car lighter than the competition I don't know. I thought the battery pack would be much heavier, but it looks like a proper KERS boost system rather than a hybrid.