Ferrari 412 pick-up truck is a world first

23 May, 2014 3:00pm Alex Yau

The Ferrari 412 pick-up truck conversion is a world first for a Ferrari

Mention Ferrari and most think of high-end sports cars, not practical working vehicles. But the team behind the TV show Ultimate Wheels has managed to make the Ferrari commercial vehicle a reality by converting a 1989 Ferrari 412 into a pick-up truck.

The Ferrari 412 pick-up truck mixes luxury with practicality and comes with a 3ft load bay paneled with teak wood – a design choice influenced by luxury yachts. To create the load bay, mechanics removed 300mm of the car’s roof and shifted parts of the body forward.  

A shotgun scoop bonnet adds to this outlandish design and the exterior is finished off with Ferrari rosso red body paint. There’s also bespoke exhaust system that can let off either a ferocious growl or a quieter, more refined sound at the flick of a switch.

Ferrari 412 pick-up

Ultimate Wheels – which focuses on the transformation of different cars – follows Elo, a former international fashion model and the owner of the London Motor Museum, who dreamt up the idea of the Ferrari 412 pick-up truck.

He said: “This is one of my favourite cars of the TV series – something truly unique and even experienced Ferrari technicians like what we’ve done. 

“The rest of the series sees us work on a VW Camper, a Ford Mustang, a Group B rally-inspired Audi, a unique Bristol and many more amazing conversions.”