Two weeks with a Ferrari FF

31 Jan, 2013 12:10pm

Harry Metcalfe has been handed the keys to a Ferrari FF to enjoy over the Christmas holidays

The world’s first four-wheel-drive Ferrari was a big deal for enthusiasts around the world. It went against what the brand stood for, and would subsequently be shunned by many as a publicity step too far.

The Ferrari FF is a £227,000, four-seat, four-wheel-drive grand tourer. Its purpose is to cover cross-continental distances at break-neck speed, without breaking a sweat. Not, you would assume, for rounding up llamas on a farm in rural England.

But along with a quick blast to the French Alps, that’s exactly what evo editor, Harry Metcalfe, tried when he was handed the keys to an FF over the Christmas break.

Capable of 0-62mph in only 3.7 seconds, the 651bhp, 6.3-litre V12 will top out at 208mph. It also boasts a 450-litre boot – considerably bigger than you’ll find in a Ford Focus.

So watch the video and see how Harry got on when he spent two weeks with the fastest four-seat production car in the world.