Ferrari cuts car production

Ferrari press conference
8 May, 2013 2:25pm Paul Bond

Ferrari has announced it will scale back production in 2013 to ensure the exclusivity of its cars

Ferrari President Luca di Montezemolo has annouced that the company will limit production at Maranello to "less than 7,000 cars", at a special press conference held at the company's factory today.

He said that the move was vital to ensure the exclusivity of the brand. "Our exclusivity is the brand's equity...those who buy a Ferrari buy a dream and we want to ensure that we preserve that dream"

"In 2013 we decided to manufacture a lower number cars than last year. We want to prove that selling less cars can still increase profits - despite the trend in the market" he continued.

During the press conference Di Montezemolo also outlined the future of the company and ruled out the possibility of them adding a niche or SUV model to the range in the future.

"I am always being asked 'will you build an SUV? A smaller car or saloon?' I tell them to go and buy the new Maserati Quattroporte or Ghibli. We will be adding new models to our range in the future but only in the market position in which we have a strong heritage." he stated.

Ferrari will be adding 250 jobs at its factory this year but this workforce will largely be responsible for manufacturing and developing the range of Maserati engines for the Quattroporte - including both the V6 and V8 versions. This will take place in a new area of the plant which features much more automation than the tradtional engine line.

The company plans to shift sales away from Europe over the next four years, but intends to grow sales in the US ahead of increasing production for China. A two per cent increase in sales is planned in Asia but a ten per cent increase will be aimed at in America.

He also confirmed that despite the recent developments in HY-KERS technology and the importance of cutting emissions Ferrari would "never build an all-electric car as long as I am chairman of the company"